What are they?

Definately dogs, that is always a good start… but in all seriousness its a question we’re asked on quite a regular basis. As cross breeds both our pups are a bit of a mix, making it difficult for passersby to pinpoint what kind of dog they are.

Polly at a year old still looks like a tiny puppy, and she is significantly smaller than we expected her to be. In terms of breed she is a Cockerlier, which sounds more than a little like some kind of hearing aid.

Her mother was a Cavalier Spaniel and her father was a Rhone Cocker Spaniel, and we can clearly see elements of both breeds. Polly has the long legs and dappled appearence of a Cocker, with the facial features of a Cavalier.

She is full of energy and always ready for a long run, but in the evenings she is quite the lap dog. Polly has always been quick to learn and our pint sized pooch is a friend to everyone, always ready to play.

photo 1-2

We decided on Polly’s breed because husband-to-be had always had Cavaliers growing up and love their temperment, but we wanted a dog who would be a little larger. It didn’t quite work out that way, but she is the sweetest dog around and we wouldn’t swop her for the world.

In many ways Ruby resembles a teddy bear rather than a dog, and it is highly unlikely that she will ever be mistaken for a vicious beast.

photo 2-5

We found it much harder to pinpoint the right breed for our second dog; we didn’t want a dog who would be much larger than Polly, and we also wanted one which wouldn’t shed. As a black and white dog Polly’s fur shows on both light and dark clothes, and a second dog adding to that mix would be a nightmare.

With that in mind we decided a low-shedding poodle cross breed would be ideal. We love the Cavalier Spaniel temperment so we went on the hunt for a Cavapoo, but while searching we chanced upon soon to be due litter of Cavapoochons….

Ruby’s mother was a Cavachon (A Cavalier Bichon Frise Cross) and her father was a Toy Poodle, she is a little bundle of fun and is as bright as a button. We can’t wait to see how she turns out, and at just three months she is already quite a character.

With our two girls we have our hands full, but its hard to imagine life any other way!