Wedding Wednesday: 4 things I learnt wedding dress shopping

April 29, 2015

It’s the day every bride-to-be looks forward to, an afternoon trying on dresses in a beautiful boutique, how could that not be a dream come true? Well sorry to burst the bubble and dispel the myths, but its not all sunshine and roses….

1) You don’t just slip into a wedding dress

They don’t show this bit on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ but you can’t elegantly step into the dresses, they are actually hoisted over your head. This is neither comfortable nor elegant, and by the time you are in the first dress you will instantly regret your decision to schedule several appointments for one afternoon.

2) Wedding dresses are heavy and you will sweat

That glow brides have – chances are its 90% sweat. Cast you mind back to normal shopping trips, trying on several outfits did you get hot and sweaty? Turns out bridal boutiques are no different, and unlike high street stores you’ll have a consultant squeezing you into a heavy gown getting very up close up and personal. Don’t forget that extra spritz of deodorant before stepping out the house, you won’t regret it.

3) Time goes by really quickly

It takes a few minutes to get into the dresses, five-ten minutes to twirl and twist while canvassing opinions from your entourage, and then another few minutes to switch over to the next one. With most appointments around an hour and half that’s just six-eight dresses. Chances are walking into the boutique you’ll see at least a twenty dresses you’d like to try on – be realistic you won’t have time for each and every one.

If you don’t have a particular style in mind be selective and prioritise, try one of each shape and rule out the ones that just don’t suit you, then try on variations until you’ve find ‘The One’

4) What you think you want you don’t

I thought I wanted elbow length sleeves, lace, zero bling and a big full ball gown skirt, I couldn’t have been more wrong – my dress is more or less the complete opposite. While you know what you want for your wedding remember the staff at the boutique are the experts – they’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of brides over the years and they know their stuff.

My consultant Sarah from Wedding Belles was absolutely amazing. Nothing I tried was flattering me, and she suggested a dress I would have rather ruled out – I’m so glad she coaxed me into it, turns out it was the one!

Wedding Belles was the third shop I had an appointment at, and in all honesty I was feeling completely dis-enchanted. The first two consultants had told me dresses looked great that I knew didn’t suit me in the slightest. Turns out alongside the right dress you need to find the right shop, and Wedding Belles gave me what I needed. Constructive criticism and a firm hand swayed me from what I thought I wanted to what would flatter me, without them I’d probably still be searching!

While I won’t be posting a wedding dress spoiler I can show you some pics of what I thought I wanted…. courtesy of Bridal Musing’s swoon-worthy post ’30 Lace Sleeve Wedding Dresses’

wedding dresses

My dress is due to arrive in August and with my fittings on the horizon I’m sure there will be plenty more lessons to be learnt….