Wedding Wednesday: 3 Apps for Healthy Weight Loss

May 27, 2015

Tomorrow marks a full month until our engagement shoot and its time to get tough. Over the next month I’ll be staying on the wagon, rather than slowly slipping off as I have so many times before.

I have a few techy tricks up my sleeve, and there a few apps I like to use to keep myself on track, helping rather than hindering progress.

1) My Fitness Pal

Probably the most geeky of the three, My Fitness Pal is a free app which allows you to log your food, divulging their calorie and nutrient content. Also split into macros, you can see how your food splits up into carbs, fat & protein, encouraging a healthy division between the three.

You input your weight highlighting how much you would like to lose, keeping the diary updated each and every day (Yes even when you’ve had a few too many treats.) The app determines a calorie goal, indicating calorie levels which should be stuck to.

Studies show that people who keep food journals are more likely to be successful in losing weight, and I find that tracking quite literally keeps me on track.

2) Jawbone UP

Wearing a snazzy band each and every day my step and sleep patterns are recorded, showing me when I should be getting more rest or moving more.

With two dogs my main form of exercise is getting out and about and the UP app provides a great way of quantifying how walking stacks up against a trip to the gym. You can also use it to track your food, but in all honesty I find the insights from My Fitness Pal much more worthwhile.

While the app is free the band itself costs around £40, for me its worth it. If your main form of exercise involves keeping your feet on the floor I think it’s a good investment.

3) NHS Choices, C25K

The NHS Choices app encourages you to challenge yourself through their 9 week plan, surrendering your couch potato ways. Gradually building you up week by week, the very friendly Laura vocally guides you through each run.

Confession time, I’ve never finished the plan…. giving up around the four week mark. This time I’m hoping to buck the trend, running my first ever full 5k in a matter of months.

fitness apps

Unfortunately when you step on the scales all the apps in the world won’t help unless you have the willpower needed to keep going as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months. I’m a firm believer that you can’t exercise away a bad diet, so for me that is where the main challenge lies.

With just over 6 months to go until the wedding its time for me to knuckle down and stay on track….