Getting to know Jane Plan: The Results from Week 2

June 20, 2015

I’m two weeks into my Jane Plan journey and I can safely say it has been a revelation. No more trawling round the supermarket trying to decide what to eat, just a quick dash to grab some fresh fruit, veg & milk. Even better I can come home from a busy day and be eating a delicious dinner in less than five minutes.

There is no more weighing or counting calories, it’s really as simple as choosing which meals to eat each day. I can quickly select my breakfast & lunch before leaving for work, choosing what I fancy for dinner when I walk through the front door. It sounds like an exaggeration, but in all honesty it’s like having a burden lifted off my shoulders. Jane Plan are my personal chef, making all the right decisions for me.

Jane Plan Breakfast

I lost 5 pounds in my first week, so this week I was expecting the honeymoon period to be over. I anticipated that my little pouches would start to lose their sheen, and that I’d find myself tempted by the dark (More calorific) side…. but no, not this week! Even when hubby-to-be indulged in a Dominos I declined and stuck with a particularly hearty dinner of beef lasagne.

Over the last week I’ve stuck to the menu, enjoying each and every carefully prepared portion. So when it came to stepping on the scales I was cautiously optimistic, and it turns out quite rightly so. I’m in my second week and I’ve lost another 4 pounds!

Jane Plan Week 1 : -5 pounds
Jane Plan Week 2 : -4 pounds

Total loss 9 pounds
1 stone and 11 pounds left to loose

While I know the rate of weight loss is likely to slow down, I’m really pleased with my results so far. The average Jane Planer loses 12 pounds in their first month so I’m well on my way to that milestone and I couldn’t be happier. My BMI has also dropped to 24, taking me further into the healthy weight category.

Three Bean Salad

As well as following Jane Plan I have also been a regular gym bunny, it turn out that drumming up the enthusiasm is much easier when I know I’m not going to ruin my hard work with bad food choices. In the past time spent on the treadmill has quite often been in penance, desperately trying to burn off that extra slice cake I’d indulged in. Not any more, now I know my hard work will be rewarded with speedier weight loss it’s been a pleasure rather than a chore.

With just a week to go until our engagement photos I’m not going to ruin my hard work now, I’ll sticking to my new routine like glue and reaping the rewards.