Our new puppy six months on

Our new puppy six months on

Ruby our little Cavapoochon puppy is now eight months old, standing at around a foot high. Yes she is somewhat smaller than we thought she would be, but we are assured she is still growing……

For those interested in the breed a Cavapoochon dog looks like a pup well into their old age. Out and about it is not unusual for Ruby to be compared to a teddybear, with admiring glances coming her way as soon as she steps out the door.

But she is not just cute, she is bright as a button too. As I explained in my ‘What are they’ post, Ruby’s mother was a Cavalier Spaniel crossed with a Bichon Frise, and her dad was a Toy Poodle. Often topping lists of smartest dogs, poodles are well known for their intelligence, and their cross-breeds benefit from their brains.

With style as well as substance Ruby was the perfect choice for us. As a bonus her Cavapoochon coat never sheds, it grows and grows and only needs trimming one every three months or so, saving my sofa from stray dog hairs.

When looking for our new addition we took our research seriously, we wanted an affectionate dog who would be good with children, remaining at a size where a can quickly pick her up if the doorbell rings. We were also careful when selecting a breeder, we wanted a dog who had started life in a family rather than kennels, ensuring our puppy would be well socialised. We also wanted to be careful, taking the time to check that the breeder’s vet had tested both parents properly for any health conditions that could be passed on puppies.

Luckily we chose well on both accounts, Cavapoochons are a fantastic breed and Ruby started life with a wonderful family. In six short months she has become a much-loved member of our family, and its difficult to remember a time when when we were just a one dog household.
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