Time for Tea?

My month on Jane Plan doesn’t just challenge my hunger led bad habits, but also those which sometimes seem a little less likely to pile on the pounds. While I’ll not a big boozer its not often I don’t have a soft drink close by, be it diet coke, tea or coffee – lets face it I’m in no danger of becoming dehydrated!

Turns out though that all of the above could be steering me off course, reading through my Jane Plan guide book just good old fashioned water and green tea carry their seal of approval. Luckily in honour of ‘Iced Tea Day’ (Yes it’s a real thing…) Tetley got in touch with me asking if I’d like to try their range of health boosting fruity green tea range. While alcoholic cocktails are strictly off the menu there is nothing to stop me enjoying a Pimms inspired berry burst iced tea.

To concoct my tipple I brewed up a jug of supergreen tea, leaving it in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours. I then filled glasses with frozen berries and lemon topping them up with the chilled tea. Now I’m not going to fib, it wasn’t quite the same as my favourite summer cocktail but it was pretty tasty.

Tetley Super Green Tea

Tetley have developed their new range to help reduce tiredness and fatigue or boost the immune system, and while I’m not sure if I’ve ejoyed those benefits I certainly feel much more virtuous! Best of all I’m still on track and my diet hasn’t been derailed. With my first weigh in tomorrow I’m excited to see how I’ve done, cross your fingers for me….