Trying something new : Degustabox June 2015

I love surprises. The anticipation, the big reveal, it is absolutely the best thing about birthdays. Unfortunately now I’m well into adult life they are quite few and far between. Rather than risk a flop more often than not I send hubby-to-be a wish list.

So when I heard about Degustabox I knew I had to try one out. Of course I’m following Jane Plan so the treats have been stashed away for a later date, but safe to say there was still lots of fun to be had unpacking the box.

For those who aren’t familiar Degustaboxes includes a range of 9-14 mystery products, for a set price of £12.99 (For those looking for a bargain there are often opportunities to receive a hefty discount on your first box) often following a seasonal theme. As luck would have it June’s picnic collection includes quite a few healthy snacks which will stop me piling on the pounds back on once I’ve reached my goal weight.

Without further ado here’s a rundown of our new discoveries.

Brioche Pasquier

With our holiday in wales coming up these little brioche rolls will be handy. Individually wrapped they’ll be perfect for keeping hubby-to-be going on long journeys.

Degustabox Brioche

Melba Thins

Perfect for just adding a few light toppings, these are a great lunch option. While crusty bread has its charms, in the long run Melba Thins are much better for the waistline.


Our box included two offerings from this brand, caramel rice cakes (Similar to snack-a-jacks) and Belgian chocolate rice cake thins with caramel pieces. Both are low in calories making them the perfect sweet treat to accompany a mid-afternoon brew.

Chin Chin

I couldn’t resist trying one of these unusual tiny treats. A famous snack from West Africa they ‘Crunch like a biscuit, and taste like a cake.’ We were sent the Chilli variety and the sweet heat is delicious. I’d definitely add these to the basket if I saw them in the supermarket.


I’m so intrigued by this offering. Completely natural this organic coconut sugar is begging to be baked with. Flavoured with ginger it’ll be perfect for fruity flapjacks or a spicy apple crumble.

Degustabox healthy treats


How could strawberry & lime cider not be delicious! After a tough week at work hubby-to-be enjoyed this ice-cold straight out the fridge. I had a sip and safe to say it won’t be my last. Normally I opt for Kopparberg but I’ll certainly be swayed in future.


There was no artificial after-taste with these low calorie drinks, and the flavours were fresh and vibrant. They weren’t overly sweet and served chilled they make a refreshing change from diet coke.


Neither of us have tried this yet, but coconut water is certainly something I’m going to give a go. The extra electrolytes are meant to help hydrate so I think I’ll try this drink out after my next gym session.


Icepops are a classic summer staple and the addition of alcohol turns them into a more grownup treat. Essentially a frozen alcopop I can these being popular at BBQs.

Degustabox Drinks

The products we’ve been sent would probably have never made it onto our shopping list, we tend to stick to the same old favourites rarely trying out something new. Degustaboxes are the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons, and shake up your routine.

Unfortunately though this will have to be our last delivery, saving money has to take priority at the moment so we’ll have to cancel our subscription. Safe to say after the wedding when we’re settled into our own home this is one little luxury which will somehow sneak back in….