Getting to know Jane Plan : Back on Track

July 20, 2015

After a two week holiday its safe to say I was nervous to hop on the scales.

Would I have undone all my hard-work?
Is Jane Plan just a short term solution with the weight piling back on as soon as you’re off plan?

Safe to say I’m both pleased and relieved that the answer is no on both accounts. With our break in Wales, several birthdays and a wedding in the space of two weeks my aim was to minimise weight loss, rather than handing in the towel and giving up altogether (As I have so many times before.)

I stuck to healthy meals where I could, enjoying the odd treat here and there. I also kept as active as possible taking the pups on lots of treks making the most of the beautiful Welsh beaches and sunny weather. The wedding and birthdays posed a little more of a challenge but I found Jane Plan has almost reset my appetite, making the large portions I used to enjoy hard to stomach.

Jane Plan Breakfast - Granola, Berry & Yoghurt

So all in all in the space of two weeks the damage amounts to a gain of four pounds, not horrendous and certainly not completely demoralising. Getting straight back on track and into my Jane Plan routine I know those pounds will drop off and I’ll be well on my way to meeting my goal.

Jane Plan Week 1 : -5 pounds
Jane Plan Week 2 : -4 pounds
Jane Plan Week 3 : -2 Pounds
Jane Plan Week 4 : -1.5 Pounds
Two week break : + 4 pounds

Total loss 8.5 pounds
1 stone and 11.5 pounds left to loose

With no more holidays until our honeymoon these last two weeks were a short break and not the start of a habit. I’m on the home straight now and my first fittings are edging closer and closer, certainly won’t be giving up now!