Getting to know Jane Plan : The Results from Week 4

This last seven days have been hectic to say the least, and staying on the wagon has seemed to be more of a challenge than previous weeks.

My first and fundamental error on Jane Plan has been to eat the most tempting meals first. While every meal I’ve tried has been delicious, some have been more in line with my tastebuds than others. After a long day at work Chicken with Coconut, Turmeric and Ginger floats my boat a little more than vegetable cassoulet.

Chicken with Coconut, Turmeric and Ginger

Saying that though my initial impressions have always been wrong. Once I dug in every veggie meal has been filling and full of flavour, but unfortunately they just don’t hold quite the same appeal for me….. in hindsight I should have mixed up the meals a little more, rather than ending this month on such a vegetable high.

But nevertheless, despite the temptations of Blog Crush at Crazy Pedro’s, I’ve stayed on track.

So its time to step on the scales….. I’ve lost another one and a half pounds!

Jane Plan Week 1 : -5 pounds
Jane Plan Week 2 : -4 pounds
Jane Plan Week 3 : -2 Pounds
Jane Plan Week 4 : -1.5 Pounds

Total loss 12.5 pounds
1 stone and 7.5 pounds left to loose

Being particularly busy I’ve had to sacrifice some of my time in the gym, so I wasn’t feeling quite as confident that the numbers would drop. While this time last week I was aiming for a little more, I’m actually really pleased to see progress. Four weeks in a row of steady weight loss is nothing to sniff at and reaching this point so quickly is an achievement in itself. It turns out Jane Plan is the healthy weight loss solution I’ve spent the adult years of my life searching for!

The next two weeks pose a challenge, with me leaving the comfort of my new routine for a holiday by the beach in Wales. I’ll be taking the lessons I’ve learnt from Jane Plan with me, aiming to minimise weight gain rather than strive for a loss.

Last year in nine days I piled on eight pounds, and while my underactive thyroid is a contributing factor in all honesty I was particularly greedy that week. This year I’ll be enjoying my holiday, but being more restrained to avoid undoing all the hard work I’ve put in over the past month.

The cottage we are staying in is surrounded by fields, and I’m packing my running kit to ensure I’m more active than I was last year.

Bach Wen Farm in Wales

I’m hoping a beautiful coastal run each day will be good for the soul, giving me time each day to re-focus my goals rather than spiral out of control.

In the words of a very wise friend, sometimes taking a step back pushes you to take two steps forward when you get back on track, and I can see the logic. Having a brief break refreshes you for the remainder of your journey, and when I get home I’ll be straight back on Jane Plan. My box with next months food is already on the way!

Often diets are a chore, but I can honestly say Jane Plan is an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait to get back and focus on reaching my goal weight in time for the wedding.