Puppy Post : Pawsomebox July 2015

Last month I wrote about the June edition of Degustabox, we loved the surprise element and the selection of products so when we saw a doggy alternative we knew we had to try it out.

Pawsomebox is a monthly goody box for your dog, featuring treats, toys and other useful bits and pieces. We created a profile for Ruby (She was more than happy to share with Polly) and her box arrived a few weeks later.

Each box contains 5-6 products all specially selected for to sit-under a theme. If you pay monthly the boxes cost £19.90, but as this was our first we tested the box for free just covering the cost of postage (I think it was around £2.90)

So what did Polly and Ruby find when they opened their box?

Contents of Pawsomebox

Doggy Donut Tug Toy

Polly and Ruby suffer no shortage of toys but safe to say this was a welcome addition. Donut shaped its easy for them to pick up, and it’s a great toy for them to grab both ends and enjoy a tug of war. It also squeaks adding another fun feature for them to enjoy.

Spikey Ball Chew Toy

While both our pups are (Hopefully!) past their teething phase they still enjoy a good gnaw. As well as being a chew toy this spikey ball is also great for a game of fetch.

Camon Microfiber Towel

This is perfect for drying off muddy feet and is ideal to keep in the car glovebox so it’s on hand for muddy emergencies. Our dogs aren’t the type to stick to the path so an extra towel will always come in handy.

Nom Dog Biscuits

Anything that freshens dog breath is definitely worth a try and while both our pups normally have a sixth sense for treats with an ulterior motive these biscuits slipped under their radar.

8 in 1 Treats

These are Chicken & carrot flavoured mini treats and both our pups were more than happy to sample these bite sized offerings. Perfect to pop in your pocket when off for a walk we’ll be using them as training treats to reward good behaviour.

Happy Paws Easy-Tie

While it took me a minute to work out how this works I quickly realised that we’ll soon wonder how we lived without it. When we take our dogs out we normally fumble with the leads un-clipping them and holding tight to their collars when tying them up. The Easy-Tie provides a much safer solution and I can’t wait to try it out.

Cavapoochon Ruby with her Pawsomebox

We’ve absolutely loved trying out Pawsomebox with every product being a hit with both us and our pups. Unfortunately with our wedding on the horizon we can’t quite justify the cost each month, but I’d certainly recommend trying it out as a great way to treat your dog.