Getting to know Jane Plan : The Results from week 5

Another week another weigh in and this time round I was feeling quietly confident. I’m back on track and sticking to my Jane Plan routine like glue. Back in the gym I can tell my fitness levels have taken a knock but with a healthy dose of determination I’m sure I’ll be back on form in a few weeks.

So without further ado time to reveal this week weigh-in…… I’m another 2.5 pounds down.

Jane Plan Week 1 : -5 pounds
Jane Plan Week 2 : -4 pounds
Jane Plan Week 3 : -2 Pounds
Jane Plan Week 4 : -1.5 Pounds
Two week break : + 4 pounds
One week poorly : – 0.5
Jane Plan Week 5 : -2.5 pounds

Total loss 11.5 pounds
1 stone and 8.5 pounds left to lose

As well as being a gym bunny I’ve been getting up earlier to take the dogs for a longer morning walk, and while hitting the snooze button is just as tempting a single phone-call has tightened my resolve….my wedding dress has arrived!

In just a month I’ll be trying on my wedding dress and I’m excited to see what a difference my weight loss has made. I’ve lost over 11 pounds in total and I’m aiming for that figure to rise to well over a stone in the next four weeks.

As if that wasn’t motivation enough I’ve also joined a Diet Bet game, putting my hard earned cash on the line. For those unfamiliar you sign up and choose a challenge, placing a bet that you’ll lose weight. If you meet the 4% weight loss goal within the four weeks then your bet is returned and you’ll also receive a percentage from those who signed up to the challenge but failed to lose weight.

Diet Bet Rules

With 28 days to go until the challenge ends I’m more than confident that my Jane Plan meals will see me through the finish line.