Happy August: 5 bits and bobs that make me smile

Bright yellow sunflower

1) We might be on the move

Life has taken an unexpected twist and turn. Convinced our property aspirations were on hold until after the wedding stumbling across the perfect property has sped up those plans. We have a mortgage agreed in principle and we have our first viewing in the next couple of days.

Safely described as a fixer upper, the cottage we’ve seen is the project we’ve always dreamt of taking on. Saying that though we’ve got our sensible hats, and we fully accept that the first property we see in unlikely to be the one….. or could it?

The question is, would it be absolute madness to buy a house a couple of months before our wedding?

2) Life is a little bit more pleasant

Last month I was lucky enough to be introduced to Green and Pleasant, and safe to say we have been enjoying trying out their range of beers and ciders. Made without using any additives, enhancers or chemicals, not only do they taste great but their labels are practically a work of art….

Green & Pleasant

Green & Pleasant

Perfect for a summer picnic or BBQ (If the weather ever picks up!) their gift packs would also be a great gift. I really struggle to buy for my brother but I’m pretty sure he’d love the selection on offer from Green & Pleasant.

3) Discovering new scents for summer

I absolutely adore perfume, and given the choice I would rather leave the house without make-up than a quick spritz, so when I got the chance to try out The Frangrance Shop’s ‘Discovery Club’ I was more than a little excited.

The Fragrance Shop - Discovery Club

The service sends the latest fragrance samples straight to you every season, alongside tempting discounts. So far I’ve absolutely loved Dahlia Divin from Givenchy, so much so it could be my wedding day fragrance! I’ve been wearing Vivienne Westwood Boudoir for nearly a decade now, so it takes quite a lot tempt me away.

4) Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

As if I haven’t got enough on my plate at the moment I’ve embarked on a new project…. I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels so rather than wait until after the wedding I’ve decided to jump straight in. With one thing and another 2016 is shaping to be a really exciting year and safe to say I won’t be suffering from the post wedding blues. More details to come!

5) Seeing stars

Its no secret that home interiors float my boat, and I’ve had my eye on lit metal industrial pieces for a while, so when IJustLoveIt.co.uk launched and I was given the chance to review one of their products I was instantly smitten with their LED Star Wall Light. I’ve previously written about creating a rustic dessert table for our wedding, and this star is going to be the perfect finishing touch!

In the meantime the star is the perfect addition to our bookcase, fitting neatly between two piles of books. Battery operated it sits perfectly on the shelf with no need for any unsightly wires.

Lit star on bookshelf

A new gifting website IJustLoveIt.co.uk have a vast range of personalised and unique products. Cute and quirky I’m pretty sure they have the perfect present for even the most difficult to buy for…. its certainly going to be my first stop for a hassle-free Christmas.