Keeping pups clean with John Paul Pet

Keeping our two pups clean and smelling fresh seems to be a never-ending battle, with every walk full of pongy potential. Anything disgusting they’ll roll in with delight, regardless of how rotten it may be. With that in mind we always have dog shampoo on hand, ready for a quick scrub to spruce them up (Whether they like it or not!)

Our two dogs couldn’t be more different, and that poses quite a few challenges when keeping them clean. Ruby has a Cavapoochon coat which seem to attract dirt; part poodle her hair grows and grows, becoming increasingly fluffy until its time for a trip to the groomers. Polly is a little different, with a sleek Cockerlier spaniel coat which sheds and stays quite short.

When choosing products for our two pups we are quite careful as over-bathing with chemical filled products can unbalance the natural oils which protect a dogs coat, so when we were asked if we wanted to try out some John Paul Pet products I checked out their credentials first and safe to say I was impressed.

John Paul Pet Products

Specially formulated with botanical extracts, the pH is just right for pet’s skin, and even better its tested on humans first rather than animals.

We tried out their Awapoochi Shampoo and their Conditioning Rinse which promised to rejuvenate shine…. and it certainly did, Polly and Ruby have never looked smarter! Even better they smelled great, the shampoo and conditioner we tried both had a pleasant fragrance which didn’t smell overly artificial.

Ruby the Cavapoochon

Polly the Cockerlier

The John Paul Pet products were fantastic, doing their job so well that even my mum noticed that they’d had a bit of a makeover. I’d recommend the Awapoochi range to pooch owners everywhere, especially to anyone with pups as michievious as ours!