Wedding Wednesday : Bridal beauty, laying the foundations

August 19, 2015

In my bridal beauty sleep post I mentioned I was feeling tired and run-down, thankfully a few weeks on and I’m back to my normal eight hours. A new routine and less worrying about the wedding has set me straight, and thankfully the bags under my eyes seem to have packed and left.

While we’ve booked a fabulous hair and make-up lady for the big day it would be unfair to expect her to work miracles, so over the next few months I’ll be laying the foundations, hopefully giving her great (or at least improved) skin and hair to work with.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out the Braun face, and it’s been brilliant. I’d been toying with adding a cleansing brush to my routine, and I’m so glad I had the chance to. Walking the dogs in all weathers means my face braves the elements on a regular basis, and I do worry that I’ll be left looking old before my time. Fortunately, this bit of kit whizzes away make-up and any nasties, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Braun Face

I suffer from sensitive skin and was a little worried this would be too rough but I’ve actually found the opposite, completely replacing my normal exfoliator I’m now just using a much gentler cleansing face wash using the Braun face to sweep away dead skin. I don’t wear foundation on a day to day basis, but normally find when I do I can be quite spotty the next day. The Braun face seems to have solved this problem and my skin looks clean and fresh the next day despite any make-up I’ve worn the night before.

The Braun Face is 2 in 1, with a handy epilator head designed to remove any stray hairs with precision. Being very fair facial hair isn’t an issue for me, but trying it out on husband-to-be’s brushy brows I can see it does its job very well (With just a slight sting)

I’m hoping taking a little longer to cleanse my skin properly will be well worth the effort in the long-run, giving my make-up artist a smooth canvas to work with.

In the past I’ve aimed for volume rather than shine where my mane is concerned, but unfortunately frequent blow-drying and volume boosting shampoos have left my hair looking under-nourished and flat.

To combat this I’ve been trying to give my hair a break, washing and blow-drying once a week rather than every other day. My hair isn’t prone to becoming greasy so if anything I was just washing it because I thought I should, rather than actually needing to.

I’ve also sworn off my normal shampoo, taking the opportunity to try out the selection from Aussie Hair Care’s Miracle Repair Collection, and it’s made such a difference. Alongside their shampoo and conditioner I’m also using their 3 Miracle Hair Oil, smoothing a small amount through my hair before each blow-dry.

Aussie Hair Care

Rather than feeling dry and frazzled my hair looks healthy and nourished, and as a bonus it smells great. I’ve always believed that you have to surrender volume in favour of shine, but Aussie Hair Care have created a range which lets you have your cake and eat it.

My hair is already long and thick so in hindsight if I’d made more of an effort to keep it healthy then volume would have come naturally rather than forced with over styling…. safe to say I’ve learnt my lesson.

I’m really struggling to decide how to have my hair & make-up on the big day, my dress is quite 1920s in style so there are certainly a few options open to me. My hair and make-up trial is a few weeks before the wedding so its definitely something I’ll have in the back of my mind over the coming months.

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