Getting ready for walkies : The Autumn edition

September 14, 2015

Autumn is just around the corner, and with it comes a drop in temperatures and unwelcome windy weather. With two active dogs staying at home just isn’t an option, and whatever the weather they are walked on a daily basis.

In the past I’ve always thought badly of raincoats, remembering them as very unflattering, sticky and sweaty. Judging them entirely on teenage memories of wet walks in Wales, I couldn’t have been further from the modern day reality, slipping on a beautifully designed trench rain-coat from Happy Rainy Days my misconceptions were completely challenged.

Happy Rainy Days Raincoat

Their rain-coats are tailored to perfection, boasting eye-catching designs guaranteed to cheer up any rain-clouds. Flattering as well as functional, the fabric is breathable making sure the coat is completely comfortable whatever the wet weather.

Happy Rainy Days Raincoat

Happy Rainy Days Raincoat

Paired with wellies, the trench rain-coat is perfect for autumnal dog walks, ensuring we can go out whatever challenges the elements pose. Even when it not raining I’ll be wearing my new rain-coat, the waterproof fabric is perfect for brushing off the wet pawprints left by our puddle jumping pups.

Happy Rainy Days Raincoat

For anyone in the know, my rain-coat looks like a well tailored coat rather than a waterproof. Fully lined its also warm, so I’m safe in the knowledge it will perform perfectly in winter too.

While my rain-coat will keep me cosy, unfortunately my face and hands will remain exposed, and when its gets windy I start to worry about looking weathered. No bride wants to be ruddy faced with chapped hands, so I was excited to try out a couple of products from the ‘What Skin Needs’ range.

What Skin Needs

The perfect products for rescue and recovery, the Soothing Skin Gel and Cracked Skin Cream are the ideal remedy. Encouraging skin cell renewal both products speed up healing, calming skin damaged by wild weather. After use my skin has been perfectly soft, and I’d certainly recommend both products to dog-walkers everywhere!

Autumn is only a hint at the bad winter weather to come, but by being prepared dog walking can continue to be a pleasure rather than a chore. Getting out and about with our two pups is my favourite part of the day, and I’m adamant that a bit of a chill and a few raindrops won’t stop me getting my fresh air fix!