Getting to know Jane Plan : The Lady Herself

September 9, 2015

My two months with Jane Plan were a fabulous start to my weight loss journey, the food was absolutely delicious and I lost close to a stone without ever feeling deprived.

The plan is perfect for someone short on time and low on will power, and as the weeks progressed I started to wonder about the woman behind the meals and how she came up with such diverse and flavourful recipes.

Curiosity got the better of me, and when I got the opportunity to interview Jane Michell herself I unashamedly bombarded her with questions….

Jane Michell

Me: I loved my two months on Jane Plan and the choice is incredible, I’ve truly eaten around the globe. Do you think variety is an important factor when dieting?

Jane: Definitely – people can get bored when they are on a diet so keeping the food wide and varied is a great way of helping people stick to a diet long term. Variety is also important from a nutritional perspective, you may have heard the expression a ‘rainbow on your plate’! If you eat fruits and vegetables with a wide variety of colours you, will be getting a wide variety of nutrients.

Me: Kate Moss famously said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ but my meals have been full of flavour and I certainly don’t feel like I’m missing out. Where do you find your inspiration?

Jane: I know what I like to eat, what my friends like to eat and what my family likes to eat. I create meals that everyone will enjoy, but importantly, I take classic recipes, everyone’s favourites in fact, and make them healthier. Jane Plan also controls the portion size, so you can enjoy the food, without compromising the calories. I’m also an avid recipe book reader and LOVE cooking, so I take elements of this when devising the menus. I used to work at the BBC with TV cooks like Delia Smith and Rick Stein and I developed a great love of food from them.

Me: I love the biscuits included in the Jane Plan, do you think little treats help dieters to stay on the wagon?

Jane : I like to think that dieting isn’t about compromise, but about learning that little treats can still be eaten…just not too many of them. A daily treat keeps you motivated and it gives you something to look forward to and helps you feel ‘loved’.

Jane Plan biscuits

Me: You’ve often said you started Jane Plan because you’ve been in the same place and understand the challenges dieters face. If you could go back to the beginning of your journey and offer overweight Jane any advice what would you say to her?

Jane : Think before you eat, ask yourself, Jane, do you really need this or do you just fancy this? Come on Jane, you know you’re going to feel guilty after you’ve eaten it, so just say no. Jane, focus on your goals, there’s no point in being good one day and over indulging the next, you need to be consistent in your approach. Jane, imagine how you are going to feel when you are wearing a pair of skinny jeans!

Me : Lastly, mainly because I’m curious, what would you perfect Jane Plan day be? Which meals would you pick for breakfast, lunch and dinner? and which is your favourite snack?

Jane : For me it would be porridge for breakfast with strawberries, a large apple mid-morning, broccoli and cheese soup for lunch with a tomato and basil salad on the side, a lemon shortbread with a cuppa in the afternoon and then the Thai Chicken Curry with stir fried broccoli in the evening.

Jane plan granola

Jane Plan kick started my weight loss, re-setting my appetite and teaching me a few lessons along the way. I’d definitely recommend the plan to anyone struggling to stay on track, its like having your own personal chef on hand to make all the decisions for you!