Happy September : 5 bits and bobs that make me smile

September 22, 2015

This post is a little later than planned as I’ve been finding it harder than usual to smile. Unfortunately our first step on the property ladder fell through and it feels like we’re back to square one. A year from now we may be sat in our perfect property, safe in the knowledge that everything turned out for the best, but at the moment our disappointment feels very raw.

Saying that though, we have so much to smile about, and life goes on. It’s less than three months to go until the wedding and in 12 short weeks we’ll be enjoying the Jamaican sun! So what else has been going on this month?

1) Menu tasting at our wedding venue

I’ll write a full post in the next few weeks, but thankfully the food and drink was all fantastic (It would have been a little awkward if it wasn’t at this stage) We’ve made our choices and the menu for our big day is in place. Without a doubt this was my favourite wedding planning appointment to date.

Wine tasting at our wedding venue

2) My make-up has had a make-over

My make-up collection is basic at best, and I tend to just wear eyeliner and mascara most days. These two pieces of kit tend to be whatever is on offer at the time, rather than the investment purchases they should be.

I’d always wanted to try out Benefit make-up (My sister raves about it!) so when I was given the chance to try out some of their products I jumped at the chance.

I tried out their Roller Lash curling mascara, the Browzings brow shaping kit and the Gimme Brow brush on fibre-gel, and there is no going back. The mascara is fantastic, doing exactly what the packaging promises. I’ve been able to brush off my eyelash curlers, cutting valuable minutes from my morning routine.

I’m very fair so my eyebrows are sparse at best, and Gimme Brow has been perfect for filling them out a little during the working week, and the Browzings shaping kit is great for a tidy up, or creating a more dramatic look for the evening.

Benefit eye makeup

3) Ending summer in Barefoot style

Barefoot wines have recently introduced an exciting range of light-bodied wines, designed to be served over ice. I was worried it would taste watery once the cubes start to melt, but it’s fruity, thirst-quenching and very easy to drink.

I’m not a fan of dry wines, so a touch of fizz and a lighter-taste is perfect for me, and Barefoot’s new range would be well suited to a BBQ, Picnic or any summer party. I was dubious as to whether the red would work but it really is the best of both worlds, a deeper flavoured wine perfectly chilled to help you cool down on a hot day.

Barefoot wines

4) Ruby has had a close shave.

Oh dear I can’t help but smile at this, our little pup has had a trip to the groomers and she is not quite so fluffy. The doggy version of dropping a dress size she looks tinier that ever, although her tail is still luxuriously bushy.

Taking her for a walk we failed to notice how loose her harness was, and after a hop skip and a jump in some bushes it must have slipped off. Despite searching we couldn’t find it, and admitting defeat we headed off to the pet shop.

Being so petite the only harness they had in stock which would fit her was intended for a rabbit, so here is Ruby rocking her bunny look…

Small dog harness

If anyone spots an extra extra small dog harness please let us know!

5) Keeping cosy as the temperature drops

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve noticed the nights becoming a little cooler, so I was pleased to hear that one of my favourite nightwear brands Jockey have launched their autumn/winter collection. Featuring soft greys and tartans the new collection is perfect for cosy nights in curled up in front of a good film.

So heres to September, and the beginning of Autumn….. we have so much to look forward to over the next month, can’t wait to see what October brings!