Six weeks to slim : Starting out

September 29, 2015

Its six weeks to go until my final dress fitting and I’m not exactly where I want to be weight wise, so I’m bringing out the big guns. Six weeks of weight loss, perfecting my diet and focusing on exercise.

I’m joining in with the DW Fitness winter challenge, losing weight with eleven other bloggers across the next couple of months. I’ll be going in strong, hoping to lose this last stone before my upcoming fitting mid-November. To keep myself on track I’ll be weighing in fortnightly each Monday for the next six weeks providing a progress update.

Over the last week I’ve been keeping a diary, and looking through it’s so obvious where I’m going wrong… too many treats! We’ve got in the habit of having something sweet after dinner, so that’s the first to go and be replaced with fruit. My weekends are also far too decadent, with a treat meal on Friday night throwing me completely off track for the next couple of days.

Looking through my diary it all seems so obvious, I understand how to lose weight and its my willpower that gets in the way of reaching my goals. I’ve already made the obvious swaps, so all that remains is to ramp up the discipline.

To kick-start my new routine I decided to take Rhythm Cleanse up on their offer of a 3-day-cleanse. It’s not something I’ve tried before, so I was curious how I would cope taking a break from food.

Rhythm Cleanse

It wasn’t easy, but I was surprised how little I missed food. Often my day revolves around either eating, cooking or planning meals, so switching to juice was quite a change of pace.

The perfect way to break bad habits, my downfalls just weren’t an option. No sweet treats, snacking or naughty takeaways, it made me realise that strict guidelines help me stay on track.

With that in mind I’ve decided to go back to the ‘Fast Metabolism Diet’ its tough but for me that means no straying. Devised by Haylie Pomroy I’ve had great results from the plan in the past and I’m confident that I’ve got the determination needed to see the next six weeks through.

Each week is broken up into three phases, each following a different set of rules, this article is useful as a rough guidelines, explaining which foods to eat and when.

Of course I understand that there is no miracle solution to an expanding waistline, but personally I find rules help me to stay motivated past the first few weeks.

With such a short timeline starting again just isn’t an option, and I don’t want to have weight-loss regrets on my wedding day. My weight currently tots up at 11 stone 7 pounds… so let the journey begin!