Wedding Wednesday : 3 Tips to avoid Bridal Meltdown

September 2, 2015

Our wedding is just over three months away and I can already feel the pressure building. There are so many questions to answer, forms to fathom and lots of lovely celebrations to fit in over the next twelve weeks. Not that I’m complaining!

I thought I’d share a few of my tactics for remaining calm and collected, which fingers crossed will see me through to the big day itself.


This might be controversial, but I’ve found that wedding planning is best being a one person job, at least where the point of contact is concerned. Giving your suppliers more than one mobile number is a recipe for confusion, so make things simple and decide who is going to bear the brunt of calls.

Putting an offer in on a house could have been overwhelming but we’ve put a clear rule in place, I deal with the wedding, husband-to-be deals with any paperwork or phone-calls about the house.

Unfortunately when you plan a wedding, real life doesn’t give you a break, and if you’re anything like us you’ll find yourself busier than ever. Don’t be afraid to make clear who is dealing with what, rather than struggling later down the line.

Take time for yourself

You’ll be surprised how quickly your weekends book up in the run up to the big day and now more than ever you’ll need to be precious about time set apart for yourselves as a couple.

We’ve resorted to booking ourselves a ‘Weekend Away’ and I’ll let you into a secret…. we’re not going anywhere! A boxset, pyjamas and a takeaway are all the plans we have in place and I’m really looking forward to it.

When you’re not doing much it’s so easy to agree to a hectic weekend visiting friends and family, but sometimes you just need time to flop. My advice to brides to be everywhere, plan a slobby weekend at home in advance and give yourselves a chance to re-charge.

You can’t be too organised

This might be a step too far, but I have a diary with all the dates copied into a calendar.

My diary comes with me to all our appointments, with any bookings immediately added in. Up until a few months ago I just had a pile of cards with dates scribbled on and safe to say we were getting confused. Now every date goes straight into the diary and we haven’t double booked since.

After a dates been added to the diary as soon as I get home its straight on the calendar too. Unless your husband-to-be roots in your handbag on a regular basis chances are he’s not going to know what’s coming up unless it’s up there on the wall for him to see.

Stationary is your friend where wedding planning is concerned, invest in a diary and a calender and you won’t go far wrong.

Wedding planning, being organised

We’re not married yet but I’m hoping the above will keep us on track, making the coming weeks bearable if not quite a breeze. Cross your fingers for me…