Planning the perfect film night

October 25, 2015

Now the clocks have gone back, and the nights are darker, staying at home snuggled up on the sofa even more appealing. No more BBQs or Picnic teas, without a doubt evenings are best spent indoors.

Unfortunately, our film nights are hindered by a very broken TV screen, with skin tones becoming very tanned because of a dodgy LCD controller.

Husband-to-be has his eye on the new Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV, which will apparently put an end to our tangoed film watching woes. A crisp, clear, sharp image, 4K is a step up in the world of television screens… apparently mere high definition simply won’t cut it anymore!

Panasonic 4K TV

While I’m happy for husband-to-be to take on the task of sorting out our tech, the rest of the film night is my domain. With Christmas coming up you can’t beat a classic, and Elf is always going to be our number one choice. We’ll be in Jamaica for the run up to Christmas, so it only seems fair we bring our traditions forward a few weeks and enjoy a few festive highlights throughout November.

A super soft blanket, flickering candles and comfy cushions are non-negotiables, and of course a snacks are essential. We recently discovered Metcalfe’s Sweet ‘N’ Salt Popcorn and its turned into a bit of an obsession, it’s a good job its only two hundred calories for a bowl full!

Film Night Essentials

Laura Ashley Throw, Cushions & Candle | Metcalfe’s Salt ‘N’ Sweet Popcorn

While we’ve been saving for the wedding we’ve had to cut back on decadent meals out and long weekend hotel stays, fortunately with a few added extras a movie night can be a great date night for a couple on a budget… as long as there are no arguments over the choice of film!