Six weeks to slim : 2 weeks in

October 12, 2015

Well I’m two weeks into my ‘Six weeks to slim challenge’ and I’ve had my first weigh-in. Stepping on the scales this morning I was particularly pleased to see I’m three pounds down.

It doesn’t sound like much but I’ve found the last two weeks more of a challenge than I expected. Work commitments meant meals out, and while I don’t necessarily regret tucking into a Michelin star afternoon tea it certainly took me off track…

So with no time to lose I’m back on plan and determined the next two weeks will see a much more impressive weight loss.

On a more positive note I’ve re-discovered my love of running thanks to a handy app and the chance to try out some fantastic headphones.

As someone who gets bored pounding the pavements the RockMyRun has helped me no end. It’s not often a free trial persuades me to part with my hard earned cash but I’m sorely tempted to sign up.

Featuring running mixes designed by professional DJs you can enjoy music from a variety of genres, taking your mind off the task at hand.

Monster iSport headphones

Alongside my new workout music my headphones have been an absolute revelation. There is nothing more annoying than running with wires in the way, and Monster’s iSport Bluetooth headphones completely alleviate that issue. When I’m running I can move my arms without the worry of becoming tangled, and the sound quality is exceptional.

I often struggle with headphones because of an inner ear piercing (Tragus) which stops them fitting, but Monster’s SportClip design stays securely in my ear. Comfortable and easy to wear my runs are now completely uninterrupted, allowing me to focus on exercise rather than faffing with my headphones.

All in all I feel like I’m hitting my stride and that everything is coming together, watch this space for weight loss!