Six weeks to slim : 4 Weeks in

At long last I seem to have hit my stride, and with not a moment to spare. Weighing in I was thrilled to have lost six pounds, finally breaking through into the ten stone range. Clothes which weren’t fitting me a month ago now zip up easily all thanks to a total weight loss of nine pounds.

Since starting my weight loss journey I’ve now lost over a stone, and with two weeks to go until my wedding dress fitting there is no stopping me now.

To help me along the way I was introduced to ‘The Accumulator’… the workout plan which promises to get tougher as you get fitter.

Devised by fitness and nutrition coach Paul Mumford the regime combines bodyweight movements with high-intensity interval training.

‘Designed to build strength and endurance day by day, The Accumulator workout steps up the pace as you learn new skills and increase your fitness in the process. Day 1 starts with a single exercise that takes just 1 minute to complete. Every day a new exercise is introduced, culminating in a challenging high intensity workout in under 30 minutes.’

They say you can’t put a price on convenience and I can only say I wish I’d discovered the Accumulator before signing up for a gym membership. Each morning I receive an e-mail linking to that day’s fitness video, allowing me to exercise in the comfort my own home… albeit watched by two very bemused dogs!

As part of the workout plan members are invited into a very friendly and welcoming Facebook group, with Paul on hand for any questions or to give you a boost if your motivation is wavering. Perfect if you’re short on time, I’d recommend the Accumulator to anyone who is struggling to fit in their daily dose of exercise.

Over the next two weeks I’m going to keep the momentum up and hopefully drop a few more pounds. Wish me luck!