Happy Birthday Ruby: With Pooch & Mutt

Happy Birthday Ruby: With Pooch & Mutt

Our little bundle of fluff has turned one, and its come round so quickly. No longer tiny, Ruby is now simply quite small and we couldn’t love her more.

I think I’ve mentioned before how worried we were about introducing a new dog into the family, but thankfully our two pups are as thick as thieves, best described as partners in crime.

Cavapoochon & Cockerlier

To help her celebrate her first birthday Ruby was sent a selection of dry food and treats from Pooch & Mutt, which she very kindly shared with Polly. While I can’t give a first-hand account of how tasty the treats were it was very clear from the wagging tails that they were being enjoyed.

Checking the labels of the dog treats and food can be more like reading a horror story, with many familiar brand sneaking in all sorts of nasties to cheaply bulk out their products. Fortunately there is none of that nonsense with Pooch & Mutt, and I felt safe in the knowledge that their ranges wouldn’t do any harm to our much loved dogs.

Quite the opposite, their recipes assist with puppy development, easing sensitive tummies and helping out with all important oral hygiene. Treats are such important part of training, and these bite sized bone-shaped morsels would be perfect for rewarding good behaviour.

Pooch & Mutt dog treats

I can’t quite believe Ruby is already one, and time is flying by so quickly. Cute and clever our little Cavapoochon is quite simply a joy to be with… albeit a very mischievous one! A much loved member of the family, it’s hard to imagine life without her now.

So heres to many more adventures to come, walks to be had and cuddles to be enjoyed… happy first birthday Ruby!
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