Wedding Wednesday: Here comes the groom

Wedding Wednesday: Here comes the groom

As one of my younger bridesmaids has told me, I’m the main character in our wedding, and that sentiment seems to be the general consensus. When we changed our Facebook statuses to engaged I was immediately bombarded with wedding planning suggestions, highlighting the flowers, cakes and dresses available in my immediate vicinity. In complete contrast my husband-to-be was targeted with stag-do-suggestions.

Flicking through my Wedding Wednesday posts I seem to have fallen into the same trap, and the vast majority of my planning pieces have focused on the bride rather than the groom… ooops!

So to readdress the balance how about a few gifts for the groom?

Gifts for the groom

In contrast to my dress, husband-to-be will be hiring his suit, so I thought it might be nice for him to have a couple of bits and pieces to wear on the day that he could keep. With that in mind I was really excited when Pantherella got in touch to ask if we’d like to try out their monogramming service.

Making socks since 1937 they truly are the experts in luxury socks, and having them personalised ensures they are the perfect gift for any groom or usher. Husband-to-be’s initials have been stitched on in silver thread, ensuring he looks smart from the top of head to the very tips of his toes.

They are super soft, and the stitching couldn’t be neater, unfortunately I can’t comment as to how comfy they are as I’ve been told that under no circumstances will I be allowed to borrow them… admittedly sock swiping is a bad habit of mine when I can’t find a matching pair in my own drawer!

Adding the finishing touch to his suit husband-to-be also has a new pair of cufflinks displaying his initials. To keep the ushers co-ordinated we’ve also got them a matching pair each, so hopefully the surprise won’t be ruined if they somehow read this.

To ensure he is fully prepped and ready my family thoughtfully gave him a copy of ‘The Grooms Instruction Manuel’ by Shandon Fowler. Full of handy tips and hints to ‘Help him survive and maybe even enjoy the most bewildering ceremony known to man’ and hoping he’s taken some notes and is prepared for the big day.

The book advises how to handle a bridezilla and I’m hoping that chapter won’t be needed… I’m also wondering why my family bookmarked this section as particularly useful, should I be offended?

In the hubbub of wedding planning it’s very easy for the bride to overshadow the groom, with every supplier keen to make sure the ‘Main Character’ is kept happy. We’re been careful to make sure our wedding reflects us both, so we’ve been taking our time making decisions, checking we’ll both love the product or service on the big day.

With just a month to go it’s all feeling very real, and we’re hoping everything we have planned comes together seamlessly. At the end of the day all that matters is saying ‘I do’ to each other, everything else is a lovely extra.
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