My Bridal Essentials

December 2, 2015

I can’t believe there is just one more Wednesday left before I get married, and that wedding planning will be done and dusted. A lot of our prep has been surrounding the day itself, so I thought I’d just share a few bits and bobs that I think are complete essentials for any bride to be.

Bridal essentials

1) Skincare made simple

In the lead up to our wedding I’ve been taking care to develop a proper routine, keeping my skin in tip top condition. While it’s by no mean flawless, I’ve definitely seen some improvements. I find the Botanics ‘All Bright’ range from Boots suits my skin, so as advised by our lovely hair and makeup artist, Rachael Bottomley, I’ve been using the facewash every morning and evening, only exfoliating every two-three days.

I’ve also been trying to up my water intake, drinking at least two litres a day. It seems to have made a difference, and has certainly helped me to cut down my caffeine intake!

2) Lovely lips

Every winter I suffer from chapped lips, so I was determined that that wouldn’t be the case on our wedding day. Rather than stick to my day to day bottom of my handbag lipbalms I decided to treat myself to what seemed to be a more extravagant choice (When you only normally spend a couple of pounds!) The investment paid off, and the Liz Arden Intensive Repair Lip Balm has been worth every penny.

3) Luxurious lace

I’d heard great things about Triumph underwear, so I was thrilled to be given the chance to try out a couple of pieces. First things first, the packaging is simply beautiful, opening the box felt luxurious from the outset.

Triumph Underwear

The Love Spotlight set is beautiful, and the lace is exquisitely detailed. Pretty without being scratchy and uncomfortable, I couldn’t think of a more perfect bridal set.

Triumph are known for their great fit, and I can see why. I used their ‘Find your size tool’ and the balconette bra doesn’t dig in at the size, but neither is it too loose. Supportive and flattering – exactly what every bride needs on their wedding day!

4) Snappy shaving

I’m terrible for quickly throwing a razor into my suitcase, and of course cutting my hand when I’m digging through unpacking. It’s safe to say I don’t want any cuts on my wedding day, so I was happy to try out the Venus snap.

Safely encased in a mini shell, I’m a step closer to ensuring our wedding morning is accident free (Fingers crossed!) Perfect for taking on travels, I’ll be packing one in my honeymoon bag too!

5) Expert assistance

As mentioned above, we have hired Manchester make-up artist Rachael Bottomley for all our hair & makeup needs, and following a wonderful trial we are safe in the knowledge that we’re in very good hands.

Its impossible to talk about essentials without mentioning Rachael, every bride should have her there to put them at ease, ensuring they are ready on time without a hitch!

We’re now able to count down the days until we get married on one hand, and I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s come round. Time flies in the run up to your wedding, so take note brides to be and make sure you’ve got your essentials sorted ahead of your big day!
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