Getting organised with Toad

January 31, 2016

A few weeks into January and I was getting into a muddle. In the run up to the wedding our lives were planning down to the minutest detail, haircuts, evenings spent scrutinising table plans, dress fittings, it was all scheduled months advance. Every weekend was jam packed, and our days were planned with military precision. (For anyone about to get married, don’t worry it was all worth it!)

We jetted off on honeymoon straight after the wedding, returned just in time for Christmas day, and then it was back to real life… all of a sudden we had free weekends, and evenings which could be spent as we pleased.

I wouldn’t say we suffered from the post-wedding/honeymoon blues as pre-warned by family and friends, but we suddenly had time to spare, more than we knew what to do with. After spending a good couple of weekends slobbing out, catching up on sleep and indulging in more than a few calories, it was time to get organised and plan out the rest of the year.

I was very kindly offered a personalised diary from Toad to get me started, and flicking through the empty pages we started to fill them out with the plans we already had in place.

Toad diaries

Birthdays, hen parties and wedding slotted in, alongside a much anticipated move to our first step on the property ladder. Turns out our year is not quite as empty as we thought!

For me, there is nothing as therapeutic as filling in my diary, making a list of appointments to be made, trips to plan and gifts to buy. If I’m feeling overwhelmed and can’t sleep, organising the weeks coming up allows empties my head allowing me to drift off.

2016 is our first year as a married couple and personalising the diary with their new name has got to be a happy moment for every recent bride. The bright cheerful patterns available meant there was plenty of choice, and I immediately knew I couldn’t go wrong with blue skies and birds.

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one, and as long as it’s well organised there will hopefully be very little to worry about.
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