How secure is your home?

January 14, 2016

Moving house is stressful at the best of times; packing, immediately unpacking and finding a new home for the bits and pieces you can’t bear to throw out, despite the best of intentions to streamline. We couldn’t be more excited to be moving in a few short weeks, but at the same time the prospect of boxing everything up is daunting.

This will be our first home which will be completely ours (Including a mortgage….eeep!) and with it we’re starting to think about how secure we want our home to be. In my uni days we were victim to several break-ins, so if anything I’m prone to being over-cautious.

There are some simple steps which we’ll be following to make sure we are not leaving ourselves open to opportunistic thieves. Here are my top tips:

1) Make sure you make a good first impression, discouraging potential break-ins. Look at the outside of your property. Do you have a gate? If so then make sure it’s in good condition, as this will tell any potential burglar that you look after your property and therefore you’re less likely to have any rusty locks, or any dodgy window openings that would leave an easy way in.

2) Invest in good locks. Both back and front doors, and window locks too. Obvious I know, but sometimes it’s the simple things that leave us most exposed.

3) Think about who has a key to your front door? If you think that someone has one without your permission, then it’s time to call out a locksmith!

4) You will be amazed at the amount of reported thefts that have happened whilst owners are at home. If you’re in the garden, make sure your front door and windows are locked. Likewise, do a final check before heading off to bed. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5) Where are your keys? You may think that leaving them next to the front door is handy, but it only takes a few seconds for someone to come in and swipe them, returning later when nobody is home.

6) Do you have a lovely jewellery box on display? Maybe your bedside table is home to your iPad and other valuables? Make sure your treasured possessions aren’t in view of the window, you don’t know who might walk past and be tempted to try their luck.

7) Home alarms are also an option. You can opt for something like a simple alarm package or go all the way with a police monitored option, depending on what would work best for you. I’ve been recommended Kings Security, who offer a myriad of home alarm systems, so I’ll be looking into their range. As the saying goes its better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, lock up and check those windows, its really not worth the risk. I’m off to start packing, I really don’t think we can put it off any longer!
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