Our Engagement Story…

Our Engagement Story…

Our wedding and honeymoon passed by in a whirlwind, so I thought I’d take a moment to pause and share our proposal story.

It’s such a special moment for any couple, and although I’m slightly biased, I think my husband did a pretty good job!

After spending the Easter Break with my parents we returned home where I was instructed to stay in the lounge while my partner locked himself away in the kitchen. I could hear pots and pans clanging in the background, and it’s safe to say I was suitably intrigued.

Following forty minutes of mystery I was invited into the kitchen to be presented with a Kinder Surprise. Now I’m not going to lie, after spending weeks pointing out a range of decadent options in the supermarket this wasn’t quite what I had in mind for an Easter egg…

Being the greedy guts that I am I immediately started to tuck in, only pausing to prise open the little yellow bubble to see what surprise was inside. After a few minutes of fumbling the pod popped open to reveal an engagement ring, and looking up I saw my partner down on one knee… and of course I said yes.

Kinder Surprise proposal

Sharing our engagement story we always get asked one question… how did he get the ring inside the Kinder Surprise? And the answer is really quite simple. When you pop a Kinder Surprise in the freezer the two sides separate, which allowed him to replace the tiny toy with my ring.

For those looking for a somewhere a little less domestic to pop the question you wouldn’t go wrong having a quick scout through this ‘Top 5 place to propose’ article, and having spent a few weekends in York I can confirm it would be a very romantic place to ask a very important question.

So while the kitchen wasn’t where I’d thought I’d be proposed to, it was quite simply perfect, and just over a year and a half later here we are husband and wife.
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