Bundts with Bake Box

Bundts with Bake Box

My very wise Mother has told me more than a few times that being a good hostess is all about balancing minimum effort with maximum effect. Take a few short-cuts here and there, and focus on the faffing instead. It’s the finishing touches that make a party memorable, not the hours you spent in the kitchen beforehand.

For me, it’s also the perfect way to sum up a stunning bundt cake. A beautiful tin can elevate the most simple sponge into a showstopper, with only a dusting of icing sugar needed for decoration. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

Sadly there is one sticking point, and it all comes down to that nail-biting moment of turning the cake out of the tin. Maybe I’ve lost my baking mojo, but recently I’ve had a few disasters. I’ve tried greasing, flouring, cake-release-spray and hours spent cooling, but my cakes just don’t want to come out. So as any bad workman would, in a strop I pushed my bundt tin to the back of the cupboard, blaming my tools and feeling more than a little bit let down.

Fortunately, Bake Box came to my rescue with their brilliant subscription box, perfect for bakers who want to re-discover their flair and try new things. Arriving every two months, the kit comes with 6-8 items of bakeware with accompanying recipe cards.

Opening my box I saw a new bundt tin staring straight at me, tempting me to try it out. Sillicone rather than heavy aluminium, could it be the answer to all my bundt baking woes…

Trying out my trusty carrot cake recipe, I lightly greased every nook and cranny (As instructed by the handy recipe card) and then proceeded to hover by the oven in true Great British Bake Off contestant style. Once baked I played by the Bake Box rules and left my cake to cool for thirty minutes… and then I turned it out.

Quick and easy the silicone peeled back, revealing a perfectly formed and beautiful bundt. After doing a happy dance in my kitchen and summoning my husband to admire the perfect pattern, I poured over the rest of the box, wondering what miracles the remaining contents could make a reality.

Bundts with Bake Box

The pictures on the recipes cards look incredible, and encouraged by my recent success they now seem completely achievable. The box contains all the specialist kit required, you really just need the ingredients and to follow the step by step instructions.

The Polka Dot swiss role is definitely next up… watch this space!