Keeping Polly busy with Rosewood

Keeping Polly busy with Rosewood

The day had come and it was time for our puppy Ruby to spend the afternoon at the vets, having a quick routine operation to ensure we don’t hear the tiny pitter patter of puppy feet any time soon. It’s no easy decision, but as well as preventing unwanted pregnancies the op protects her from several life threatening cancers, so for us the pros outweighed the cons. Polly has also undergone the surgery, and made a swift recovery, so knowing what to expect we had a quiet weekend planned allowing Ruby to recover in peace.


Not much fun for Polly, thankfully the very lovely pet experts Rosewood have sent us an exciting hamper full of treats and toys to help keep her busy.

Available in a range of flavours, the Leaps and Bounds treats were snapped up in seconds. Thankfully they are rich in protein and low in fat, so they are a fantastic way to reward your dog for good behaviour.

Rosewood treats

Lasting a little longer, these Nylon Tastybones have kept Polly occupied for hours. We were sent the BBQ prawn and T-Bone Steak flavours, giving her the chance to try out surf and turf for the first time. Tough and durable, these bones are guaranteed to have lasting flavour for the life of the bone, without the risk of splintering.

Dog toys aren’t well known for smelling fresh, but this Apple Bio Safe toy has bucked the trend. Despite Polly’s inevitable best efforts this toy will remain hygienic thanks to some nifty antimicrobial technology. This toy also floats, so its perfect for playing with when Polly fancies a paddle.

We’ll be keeping Ruby snuggled up at home for a few more days, making sure she puts her paws up, giving her wound time to heal. Later this week she’ll be ready for a quick walk, and Rosewood has ensured both her and Polly step out in style.

Wag N Walk

Wag ‘n’ Walk are a brand I haven’t come across before, but I love their designs. Fresh and modern, their leads also have perfectly padded handles. I think the Chevron design has to be my favourite, and Polly seems to be pretty pleased with it too!

Ruby will be back to her old self in no time, and in the meantime she’ll be taking it easy and enjoying being pampered. Thank you very much Rosewood for keeping Polly busy during these quiet few days!