Making dinner with Marley Spoon

Making dinner with Marley Spoon

I regularly pour over the pages of cookery books, imagining a world where our cupboards are well stocked with spices and every mealtime is something different.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite match up with reality. Years spent saving has meant that budgets are often stretched, and a long list of ingredients often make an adventurous recipe (which might turn out to be a disaster) impractical.

With the above in mind our meals tend to be routine and repetitive, so when Marley Spoon got in touch we were keen to try them out.

Marley Spoon are a recipe box company delivering delicious seasonal recipes with the exact ingredients needed. Offering a choice of dishes for you to re-create at home, everything comes weighed and ready to go.

We tried their two person box, with a couple recipes outlined in six steps, each taking between 30-45 mins to prepare. The box was delivered seamlessly on our nominated day, and we excitedly unpacked it that evening.

The first meal was baked sweet chilli chicken, and it was delicious. As promised everything we needed was there, and the step-by-step instructions were really easy to follow. It was my first time trying Bok Choi and it was a winner!

Baked chilli chicken - Marley Spoon

Baked chilli chicken

Our next dish was a beautiful hot smoked salmon salad, accompanied by hazelnuts and beetroot. Not a combination I’d tried before the flavours were stunning… definitely a dish we’ll be re-creating, especially over the summer months!

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad - Marley Spoon

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad - Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon have taken us out of our comfort zone, and encouraged us to try new flavours we wouldn’t normally think to try. If I’d have been flicking through a cook book I’d have most likely skimmed past these recipes, presuming they’d take too much time to re-create.

There are new recipes created each and every week, so we’ll certainly be trying out another box and broadening our horizons even further.