My top 5 Easter treats for 2016

My top 5 Easter treats for 2016

The Easter holiday comes at the perfect time, its a few months into the year and we’re ready for a break. The sun is starting to come out so we’re hoping to be out and about with the dogs, enjoying some well-deserved time off work.

We’ll also be looking forward to a few sweet treats, and scanning the supermarket shelves it looks like we’re spoilt for choice. Whether you are shopping for family and friends, or for yourself, there’s no denying that there seem to be more Easter eggs than ever.

We’ve put in the leg-work and narrowed them down to just 5 top picks –

Cadburys Childhood Favourites

At this time of year it’s difficult to escape Crème eggs and why would you want to? Cadbury are a firm favourite with both kids and adults, a definite crowd pleaser.

Budget friendly too, we particularly liked their Daim mini eggs and the Dairy Milk Spring special edition bar.

Cadburys Childhood Favourites

Fun with Ferrero Rocher

A little bit more grown up, the Ferrero Rocher bunny is an Easter twist on a classic. We tend to visit family for a Sunday roast over Easter weekend, and this would be the perfect gift to take and enjoy after dinner.

Ferrero rocher easter bunny

Feeling bohemian with Bojangles

Not a brand I’d come across before, the Taste Adventures Egg from Monty Bojangles egg includes eight delicious individually wrapped truffles, Choccy Scoffy, Orange Angelical, Scrumple Nutty, Berry Bubbly, Cookie Moon and Flutter Scotch. Also including a delicious milk chocolate egg, this quirky and cool brand is one to look out for.

Bojangles easter egg

Enjoying Elizabeth Shaw

Familiar with their delicious mint chocolates, we were excited to try Elizabeth Shaw’s Milk Orange Crisp Egg, a deliciously crunchy milk chocolate orange egg with twelve melt in the mouth honeycomb crisps. Beautifully presented, the gift box has a lovely ribbon handle, making this a lovely present for someone special.

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw egg

Something special with Scandi

It turns out not to be just us Brits that love sugary treats, but also Scandinavians. Apparently they love sweets more than most other countries, especially pick’n’mix.

For Easter, they give each other bright and colourful cardboard Easter Egg shells filled with mixed sweets. The person giving the egg fills the shell with favourites pick and mix selections from Scandinavia, like salty liquorice and chocolates.

We were sent one to try from Scandi Kitchen and it was quite surreal trying unfamiliar sweets when we weren’t sure of the flavour. It turned into a fun family game and before we knew it our shell was empty. We’re keeping it to re-fill next year, who knows it could turn into an annual tradition.

Scandi easter

Scandi easter sweets

One of my favourite holidays, Easter feels altogether more relaxed than Christmas with almost the same amount of time off work to enjoy. Lie-ins and chocolate… whats not to love!