Welcomed home by Beard & Daisies

April 24, 2016

It finally happened… we are now proud (and exhausted!) homeowners. Waiting well over six months to move in has been torture, but now we’re somewhat settled and slightly unpacked the to-ing and fro-ing seems like a distant memory.

There are all the absolute essentials you need for moving day (I’ll elaborate in another post) and then there are the little luxuries that help a new home feel like your home. For me fresh flowers are at the top of the list.

The perfect way to dress your home, I was thrilled when Beard and Daisies offered to welcome us into our new home with their beautiful letter box flowers. Expertly packaged, each bloom was meticulously in line, well prepared for their trip from HQ to our doormat.

Beard and Daisies letterbox flowers

Chic and streamlined, the packaging was high-end and luxurious. Each of the larger blooms were protected with a little mesh, with the entire selection wrapped in Kraft paper and a big bow. Alongside the flowers was a little card explaining how they can best be arranged and cared for, which when turned over detailed images and names of each and every element of the bouquet.

Beard and Daisies letterbox flowers

Beard and Daisies letterbox flowers

Unveiling each bloom I couldn’t believe how many flowers were squeezed into such a flat box. I’d opted for the lovely ‘Hummingbird’ and the bouquet certainly lived up to the photos on their website. Filled with Alstroemeria, Solidago, Wax Flower, Madiba and Hypericum, the flowers certainly weren’t sparse or humdrum.

Beard and Daisies letterbox flowers

Often flowers only last a few days, but we are still enjoying these flowers a couple of weeks later. Swapping out those which have faded, we’ve opted for a sparser selection of a few blooms. The entire bouquet lasted well over a week, and certainly wasn’t short of admirers.

Beard and Daisies letterbox flowers

A fantastic gift, I can’t think of a lovelier surprise than getting home to find these beauties on my doormat. Often I’d hesitate buying flowers online for friends and family, wondering whether they’ll be in to receive them… but I’m now a complete convert to letterbox flowers.

We still have many (many) boxes to unpack, but having our furniture and few luxuries on hand has helped us to feel at home. We’ve also been a dab hand at decorating, with lots of before and after pictures to come. A never ending process, its safe to say our home will always be a work in progress, but I’m pretty sure we’ve made a great start!

Disclaimer: I was sent these flowers and asked for my honest opinion. I was under no obligation to love them, but it would have been impossible not to.