3 tips for a stress-free house move

May 8, 2016

We’re finally in, unpacked and settled. As first time buyers the entire process was completely new to us, so now we’ve been calling our cottage home for a month it seems like as good a time as any to reflect on what we would have done differently.

1) Everything happens at once.

We were down to the wire, with not even a day of our mortgage agreement to spare. We exchanged on the Tuesday, and completed two days later on the following Thursday.

Ever the pesimists we worried the worst would happen, almost anticipating that the sale would fall through at the last minute. With that in mind, our commitment to packing had left a lot to be desired…

This meant late nights and very early mornings, swiftly followed by two tired grumpy new home owners. In hindsight it would have done no harm to have been more organised with our packing, and being ready to move certainly wouldn’t have jinxed our sale.

We could have packed the kitchen and our wardrobes, leaving aside everything we needed for a week or so. If we were missing anything unpacking a couple of boxes certainly wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world.

2) House warming essentials

Having arrived ahead of the moving van we quickly realised that in a rush we’d packed away all our essentials. Desperate for a coffee we swiftly realised we were missing the essentials, a mug, coffee, a kettle and milk. At least we had water!

As well as the above, if and when we move again we’d be sure to have squash, biscuits, plates, cutlery, bedding, pyjamas, toothbrushes, a change of clothes and breakfast on hand for a stress free first day, night and morning.

Hunting for all of the above after an exhausting day certainly wasn’t fun, especially after we’d realised we were left in the dark after our seller had swiped all the lightbulbs.

3) Expect the unexpected

Following the initial excitement of walking through our new front door we quickly realised that our seller had left our new home in quite a state.

The carpets were covered in dog hair, surfaces were coated in dust and the corners were home to cobwebs. A quick sweep of our pantry floor uncovered that the room was host to maggots. Less than ideal with our furniture and boxes on the way…

Thankfully we had a full cleaning arsenal on hands, thanks to Astonish who had sent us a selection of products to help us spring clean our new home once we’d moved in.

Perhaps naively I’d thought our Seller would have had at least a quick clean before leaving the house, when in reality it had clearly been left to its own devices since we viewed the house. Thankfully the products we were sent from Astonish were more than up to the challenge.

Dirt was quickly disposed of and surfaces were scrubbed clean. As well as being up to the job the products were also accompanied by Astonishes cruelty free credentials.

Astonish cleaning products

All in all we’ve learnt a few lessons and while we have no intentions of moving for the foreseeable future we’ll definitely be doing things a little differently next time. Without a doubt moving house is stressful, but its been worth every worry now we’re settled in our new home.