Help with Health & Fitness

Help with Health & Fitness

With summer on the horizon (Almost, nearly…) it seems easier to switch to lighter meals and embrace the great outdoors. For me, winter means comforting stodge to take the edge of the colder temperatures, so with less of a chill in the air a healthier lifestyle seems easier to adopt.

Dog walks are part of everyday life for us, but when the sun shines they become that little bit longer. Swapping my wet weather clothes for leggings and trainers automatically makes me feel that little bit lighter.

After being sent a pair of Proskin slim leggings to review I’m practically surgically attached to them. Lightwear yet a little thicker than other pairs I’ve worn, they are great for the gym and perfect for active days out and about. The fabric itself contains caffeine, retinol and vitamin E, helping to reduce cellulite and smooth skin.


(They are also incredibly comfy, so don’t judge me but I’ve also been wearing them for cosy days catching up on box sets….does reaching for the remote count as exercise?)

I’m terrible for not drinking enough water so having a bottle to hand helps me to stay hydrated. My Bobble Infuse has proved invaluable, the carbon filter removing any trace of chlorine from our tap water, ensuring it truly tastes its best.

bobble infuse

On top of that, I can easily remove the filter, filling the bottle with fresh fruit adding flavour to the water. The perfect alternative to sugar laden drinks, I’ve certainly upped my water intake since having the Bobble bottle at my side.

As well as moving and drinking more water, I’m also making an effort to eat a better breakfast and cut down on unhealthy snacks.

Healthy snack

I’m a big fan of starting the day with peanut butter on wholemeal toast, and the Hi-PRO brand packs a protein punch. Containing 33% protein per serving (25% more than most peanut butters), it certainly makes for a tasty and satisfying breakfast, keeping me fuller for longer.

Its so easy to turn to crisps and chocolate during a busy day, so I was happy to hear about ‘In the Nood’ a roll your own energy ball mix. A great way to keep hunger pangs at bay and made from all natural ingredients, the mix is full of fibre and minerals. Easily customised, you can even add protein powder or dried fruit for something a little bit different.

Rather than coming home and staying stuck to the sofa I’ll be out enjoying the sunshine each evening. A few small changes can have a big impact on health and fitness, increasing energy levels and productivity all round.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products and asked for my honest opinion. I was under no obligation to like each and every brand but having used them all I wouldn’t be without them now.