Our Bathroom Makeover: Part Two

May 22, 2016

Its plain to see that our bathroom is certainly not picture perfect swoon worthy magazine material, the grouting has seen better days, the bath is far too narrow and I won’t even go into the state of the shower fitting itself. Its safe to say we didn’t fall in love with our cottage because of the bathroom.

Saying that though, it’s a good enough size and there is certainly potential, with a decent budget we could do it up and even add a little value onto our home. In the meantime though it’s an area of our home we’ll have to learn to live with, at least for the next few years.

By no means an eyesore, in part one of our makeover I highlighted a few of the latest trends from Homesense that I’d like to bring to our bathroom, giving it a mini makeover and a new lease of life. Aquatic touches of blues and copper, inky cobalt and substantial swept away storage all jumped out at me as perfect solutions, so off we headed to Homesense to hunt out some treasures to kit out the most unloved room in our home.

Please excuse the rough and ready nature of our previous bathroom accessories, we’d just moved and all sorts of odds and ends were doing the job in anticipation of preferable alternatives…

As always it was almost as if Homesense had the perfect pieces just sat waiting for us, inconceivable that they could have found another home or been left behind.

My first find was this beautiful copper aluminium blend soap dispenser, I loved the mixed metals straight away, giving us the opportunity to pull together copper tones with the silver taps and finishes currently in our bathroom.

Before bathroom makeover taps

After bathroom makeover taps

I carried on the accents with our toothbrush mug and a little clock, adding a few candles for the perfect finishing touch. If sea salt scented candles don’t scream aquatic I’m not sure what interior accents will…

Before bathroom makeover

After bathroom makeover taps

Throughout the scheme I’ve kept to a blue sea-swept palette, adding splashes of cobalt through deep blue fluffy towels and glass filled candles.


Truly embracing swept away storage I couldn’t believe my luck when I rooted out this wicker trug. A pocket for everything, we’ve hidden away all our toiletries, with even a slot to keep magazines and books on hand for long relaxing bubble baths.

Before & after bathroom makeover

Before & after bathroom makeover

All in all our bathroom is no longer an embarrassment, and I actually rather like it. Embracing the Homesense trends has led to something cohesive and co-ordinated. A definite improvement, a few interior accents have made a plain space a little more inviting.

Before & After bathroom full length

Before & After bathroom full length

Disclaimer: We have been sent a voucher from Homesense to help re-create their trends. We were under no obligation to love them, but we found everything we needed in one trip around Homesense and I can’t recommend a good hunt around highly enough.