My home office : A simple space

June 5, 2016

Late last year we’d just seen our cottage for the first time and I’d spotted what could one day be a little nook for me to work from. With potential for small but perfectly formed home office we had everything crossed that we would once call this box ticking cottage our own.

Fast forward eight months and my little hobbit hole has come to life, creating the home office I’d imagined. We couldn’t resist the Balthazar ladder desk from Graham & Green, offering plentiful storage and a different take on your standard office piece. The perfect fit it’s now difficult to think of another piece of furniture which would have filled the space.

No home office would be complete without a table lamp to work into the night with, and this antique style Edison ‘Steampunk’ table lamp from Iconic Lights is ideal. The vintage squirrel cage bulb adds a quirky vintage industrial look, the perfect finishing touch.

Edison lamp iconic lights

Styled alongside a simple cream candle and a mason jar filled with fresh flowers it’s impossible to complain about being indoors, a beautiful setting for an afternoon sifting through paperwork.

Edison lamp iconic lights

Lit up in the evening the bright bulb certainly makes a statement, certainly more noticeable than your run of the mill desk lamp.

For years I’ve wanted my own home office, keeping organised rather than losing bits and pieces here, there and everywhere. I’m so determined to keep this little area nice and tidy, ensuring it remains a pleasure to work there rather than a chore.

With such a beautiful furniture and lighting it would be absolutely crime to spoil the look with stacks of paper, so something tells me this is one ambition I’ll be able to keep.

Disclaimer: We were given the opportunity to the Edison lamp from Iconic Lights and give our honest opinion. Perfectly placed in our home office, we were happy to welcome it into our home.