A break at Bach Wen Farm, Wales

A break at Bach Wen Farm, Wales

I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of happy family holidays, mainly spent on Bach Wen beach. Each year we’d drive up to Wales with a couple of other families, enjoying a week of freedom. Running from our cottage to the beach only stopping to say hello to a few farm animals on the way.

Once my teens started the bubble burst, and we started to travel further afield, embracing the excitement of the airport and the promise of more reliable weather… leaving Bach Wen behind.

That is until our two pups came along, and suddenly we were on the lookout for dog friendly holidays… and our minds turned to back to Bach Wen.

We packed our bags and off we went, to enjoy a week in Wales with everything crossed for good weather!

That was three years ago, and we’ve been back every year since. The cottages are more than comfortable, with most boasting beautiful log burners for when climates are a little chillier. Our dogs are made very welcome, and now think they rule the roost, becoming a little cockier and almost feral each year we return.

Bach Wen Wales Ruby

It’s become a bit of a family tradition to have bonfires on the beach, and this year is no exception. Luckily this year we were sent these fantastic solar powered jam jar lights from Value Lights, helping guide us across the rocks and back to the cottage.

Bach Wen Wales beach side fire

The lights charged in the sun during the day, lighting up automatically at dusk. Less than £10 each they are a fantastic holiday addition, and since our return they’ve made themselves at home in our garden.

Solar lights charging

We made the most of our one warm evening, enjoying marshmallows toasted on the fire with more than a couple of glasses of prosecco (You wouldn’t think they go together but they definitely do!)

Bach wen wales campfire

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as reliable this year, and we made use of the ultimate ‘Upcycle’ an old phone box turned DVD library.

Phone box upcycle

Despite the rain, we still had a few opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Bach Wen views, best accompanied by a very hot cup of tea to combat the chill.

Bach Wen view

Victoria Eggs were kind enough to send me this very appropriate mug, embracing all things wonderful about Wales through their beautiful design.

Victoria Eggs Welsh Mug

Despite drizzly weather we’ll still be back again next year, even without sunshine it was still the break we badly needed, spending time relaxing with family and friends.

Without a seconds hesitation I would recommend Bach Wen to anyone looking to get away from it all. Just come prepared with wellies, waterproofs and a few good books!