Getting started in the garden

July 27, 2016

We like to think that we’ve made a little bit of progress since we first moved in, we’ve transformed the lounge and spruced up the bathroom. There is still plenty to do inside the cottage, but while the sun shines we thought we’d make a start on our very overgrown garden.

Overgrown garden

Nowhere near a picture perfect cottage garden, the fences are falling down, the paving is full of weeds and the overgrown conifers have been left to run wild. The worst offender, our shed is mouldy, damp and the door missing. The previous owner neglected to take the contents with her, and when we bought the property we also became the proud owners of very smelly carpet tiles, several cracked buckets and probably worst of all, an old stained toilet.

Our garden before

That was last week though, and a few things have changed. The shed has been taken down and we hired a tree surgeon to remove our eleven foot conifers.

I knew it would look different, but I didn’t quite expect it to look such a mess… you can see we now have quite a blank canvas to work with.

Our garden before

Our garden before

An absolute whirlwind, the tree surgeons were gone in a matter of hours, leaving us with a lot more space and a lot of work to do. Much cheaper than we thought they’d be, it cost us £285 for the eight trees to be removed and it was certainly money well spent.

With fingers crossed for a few sunny weekends we’re keen to continue making progress. We want to move around the paving, re-turf the grass and plant a border on the right hand side. Several fence panels need replacing, and we’d like the whole lot to receive a lick of paint. Our gate also needs a spruce up and we’re going to add a brand new potting shed.

This is our first garden, and at the moment it all seems a little bit daunting. It’s safe to say we’ll be learning as we go along, but we’re looking forward to appreciating our hard work once its finished…hopefully in the not too distant future.