Getting to know Victoria Egg

July 29, 2016

You may have noticed a certain designer crop up a couple of times recently, once on our trip to Wales, and for a second time in my recent piece on the Coastal trend.

Victoria Eggs is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine, easily identfied by their beautiful British inspired designs. I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions, and find out a bit more about the lady behind the picture perfect prints.


Your style is so distinctive, how did that develop?

Over many years! I studied Fine Art at university and specialised in film and photography. After graduating I went on to to design greeting cards using my own photography and worked to design briefs. Later, whilst working for fashion label Ben Sherman in Sydney did I really start to develop my own style. I reworked iconic British images and began to realise how something as simple as a teacup can tug at your heartstrings from anywhere on the globe. I soon began working on my own designs and my style has been developing ever since.

Victoria Eggs Welsh Mug

Which other designers do you admire?

I think design brand Hay’s ( products are so stylist and sleek and I love their use of colour. Even their packaging is beautifully put together. I also really like Top Pigeon, I have a print in my lounge along with Jamie Mitchell (of Ohh Deer) and Ben Rothery… Oh to be able to draw like they do, it’s simply stunning.

How do you see your range developing? Will you be expanding into new products, or will you focus on new prints?

I love the idea of expanding into new products. We are about to launch a range of Christmas crackers in the London Bus and Festive Fun designs, along with some Christmas napkins. Once a design is popular people love to buy more items with that design on, so it makes sense to expand the product collection… all suggestions are welcome! I’ll also bring out new designs but look to discontinue others to keep the range new and fresh.

What advice would you give other would be designers looking to start their own business?

Really think about what you want to do. If designing is your passion then I wouldn’t suggest running a business! I spend most of my time working on sales, marketing, project managing, stock control etc rather than actually designing. Luckily for me I love the business side too so I find running my business a lot of fun and a great challenge. If designing is all you want to do then I’d stay as either a freelance designer or work for a company in a design roll. However, if you love the idea of running a business make sure you take advise and whatever you’re selling make sure there are margin to be made! Financially it’s got to make sense.

While I hate dropping the C-bomb again so early in the year, I’m certainly going to watching out for Victoria Egg’s new Christmas range. Her designs are simple and sleek, and I couldn’t think of a better range to decorate a festive table with. Definitely one to watch out for!