#TrendsdayWednesday: Coastal

July 27, 2016

More often than not I prefer a room scheme which nods to a trend, rather than going completely overboard. A few subtle touches here and there can help create a look and feel, rather than something that just ends up looking a little bit tacky. Let’s face it though, it’s a tricky balance to strike.

The Coastal theme is a really good example of that, where less is certainly more. A palette of soft blues, combined with just a few references to the seaside, can help to create a classic rather that kitsch scheme.

Coastal can mean so many things, but for me it evokes the British seaside rather than those a little more exotic. Think driftwood, rope and rocky shores rather than never-ending white sandy beaches. All in all a little bit like our recent trip to Wales.

There are never-ending options to integrate this trend into your home, and truly embracing the British seaside can be simple. Here are a few of my top picks….

coastal trend

Boat storage shelves | Nicely Nautical Screen Print | Salcombe Stripe Towels | Distressed Fish Mirror

It seems I’ve opted for the cliché and created a seaside themed bathroom. A large statement mirror, shelves for plenty of storage, and of course nautical stripes for the towels. A beautiful freestanding bath would definitely be part of the equation, adding a touch of luxury to this back to basics trend.

Of course all the toiletries would have to match too… if you’re taking on this scheme resign yourself to searching supermarket shelves for blue and white products to match (Or is it just me that would do that?)