#TrendsdayWednesday: Pastel Pink

July 20, 2016

I’m a big fan of trends, particularly in interiors. When followed it couldn’t be simpler to create a room scheme which ties together effortlessly, knitting together every element. Furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories can be cohesive, creating a truly beautiful interior.

With that in mind I’ve decided to hone in on a different trend each Wednesday, suggesting pretty pieces to help bring the theme to life.

Inspired by Pantone’s Colours of the Year, I thought I’d kick off with the prettiest of pastels soft blush, now most commonly known as Rose Quartz. A key trend across 2015, it’s certainly stood the test of time well into 2016, with plenty of choice to be had for any room of choice. Stunning when paired with copper, soft mint, or even pristine white, it’s hard to find any limits on this shade.

For me, at this time of year in particular, blush tones evoke images of fragile peony petals, sumptuous baby soft fabrics and strawberry scented Neapolitan ice cream. Its clear retailers are thinking along the same lines, here are a few of my pastel pink picks….

Pastel pink
Rose Pebble Quilt | Gosford Bloom Embroidered Cushion | Pink Chevron Vase | Japonica Large Glass Candle

Pink isn’t a shade you’d spot in our home, but it’s easy to see how the pieces above are all elements you’d need to create a sumptuous bedroom scheme. Paired with cream walls and perhaps even a light, bright painted wood floor, the feel would be decadent rather than reminiscent of childish princess pastels.

A trend I’ve always lusted after rather than integrated into our interiors, I’d love the opportunity to experiment with this shade. Unfortunately though, my husband has three stipulations when it comes to our home, no pink, no hearts and certainly no Cath Kidston prints… apart from that I have pretty much free range, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

Do you have pastel pink shades in your home? Or are you like me, adoring from afar?

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