Planting our Hydrangea

August 17, 2016

Our garden is just about taking shape, and we’ve started planting. After starting from scratch (Take a look at our before pictures) we’re starting with a completely blank slate.

We now have turf, a patio, and a small border to the right of our garden. While we are a little late to the party this year, I’m optimistic that next year will bring plenty of flowers to fill our home with.

Hydrangeas are a firm favourite of mine, a fairly hardy plant available in an assortment of colours. Easy to grow, they are perfect for gardening beginners like me.

On a recent trip to Portmerion in Wales I couldn’t help but fall in love with the rows of Hydrangeas on display, all conforming to a perfect pastel palette.

Hydrangeas at Portmerion

Keen to bring these beautiful blooms to our garden, we were really excited to try out Dobies of Devon’s plant delivery service.

Instantly drawn to a stunning white specimen, we waited just a couple of weeks for our plant to be nurtured and posted to us. As the seasons pass our hydrangea will eventually boast pure white blooms with a tiny blue eye, fading to a pale pink hue as the summer progresses.

Arriving in a 3 litre pot, our plant was right at home in a matter of minutes. A hole a foot or two deep, plenty of water, a little tomato feed and space to grow was all it took to settle her in.

Dobies of Devon

While we’re certainly not expecting any flowers this year I can’t wait to see our plants develop grow over the coming seasons. As it’s our first garden it’s all a little bit experimental, which is why we’ve invested in healthy plants to start out with….hopefully they’ll have a fighting chance.

Fingers crossed for our little hydrangea. Keeping her well-watered, it turns out there is a silver lining to all this rain we’ve been having.