#TrendsdayWednesday: Pineapple print

August 3, 2016

Over the last few months pineapples seem to have been popping up everywhere. Filtrating the fashion industry as well as interiors, this fruity trend seems to be the ultimate in summer chic for 2016.

First spotted in Anna Sui’s beautiful catwalk designs, this motif descended from high fashion hitting the high street mere months later.

Not a print I had previously considered, I’ve always associated Pineapple prints with bright gaudy colours. Neon pinks, yellows and green, the tropical trend has never really been my cup of tea.

This year’s incarnation is a little more tasteful. Bronzed, monochrome or neutral, keeping the shade muted is great way to make this trend a little easier to integrate into the home.

A playful touch here and there is no bad thing when decorating your home, adding a quirky accessory to add a hint of personality. Let’s face it, something that makes you smile is always welcome when you walk through the door after a long day.

To give you a few ideas here are a few retailers who have embraced a touch of tropical…

Pineapple print trend

Linen pineapple cushions | Pineapple Pewter Curtain Fabric | Large Gold Pineapple Book End

A simple way to accessorize a shelf or coffee table, a pineapple insired ornament would add an instant modern update to a small space looking for a quick refresh.

You can easily see how a few select pieces could add a hint of character to a lounge or a bedroom, even adding an element of luxury through some stunning golden finishing touches.

I have a bit of an upholstery project on the horizon, and I’m seriously considering Laura Ashley’s Pineapple Pewter fabric for some kitchen bench cushions. Subtle enough to nod to the trend without going too kitsch, I don’t think the print would date too quickly.

As usual I’m not rushing my decision. I’ll be collecting some swatches before I make my choice, most likely settling on the first fabric I found a month earlier… watch this space!