Our easy bench cushion upcycle

October 2, 2016

The best upcycles are those where you make use of something you were just about to wave off to the tip.

We’ve had an old bed head hanging around since we moved, and as we were just about throw it out when we realised it was the perfect size and shape for our garden bench.

A temporary measure the garden bench was mainly bought as a storage solution, tiding us over before we had the time and energy to put up our shed. Not the comfiest of seating there was definitely room for improvement.

Black leather isn’t the most homely looking piece of furniture, but after a quick scout we found some plaid navy waterproof fabric that would spruce it up nicely. We ordered three metres coming to a not so grand total of £8.76.

tools for bench cushion upcycle

Definitely the quickest upcycle we’ve taken on, we laid the fabric flat on the floor placing the bed head in the middle. Pulling the fabric tightly we wrapped the fabric around the bed head as you would a present, cutting away any excess fabric that might get in the way.

Much easier with a spare pair of hands I held the seam tightly together while my husband used our Amtech 3-in-1 staple gun to secure the fabric to the bed head.

We then used an envelope fold at each end, stapling in place at inch intervals. A hundred times quicker than using a needle and thread, the fabric was in place in just fifteen minutes.



As the English climate is a little less than tropical we decided to use a 10w hot glue gun to seal the seams, making sure we don’t end up with a damp behead underneath the fabric.


We just plugged in the glue gun and minutes later were piping along the seams. Again another fifteen minute job, our bench cushion was sealed and ready to go.

In place, the covered bed head looks just as we hoped and it looks like our dogs approve too!


Quick and easy a staple and glue gun are the perfect way to cheat your way to a quick and easy upcycle.

Saying that though I won’t be completely replacing my trusty needle and thread, you can have a read of a similar easy bench cushion tutorial I created for the Wayfair blog a couple of weeks ago!