#AllIWantForChristmas with Vorwerk

#AllIWantForChristmas with Vorwerk

This seems like one of the most grownup things I’ve ever said, but ‘All I want for Christmas…is a tidy house!”

I seem to be fighting a losing battle at the moment. The dogs traipse in all sorts after their winter walks, and it’s not unusual to find leaves and tiny twigs in their muddy tails. Our log fire, albeit cosy, leaves soot and ash round its base.

So when the team at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their #AllIWantForChristmas campaign, designed to uncover what is on the ultimate Christmas wishlists of some of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle bloggers in the run up to this year’s festivities I was more than happy to take part.

Here are my top three picks…

1) A Cleaner

This is an expense we’ve never felt able to justify, but with 2017 set to be our busiest year yet we’re starting to think it might be nice…

Coming home to a clean house would be absolute heaven, freeing up some spare time and leaving our weekend chore free.

I’m not expecting this gift to be under my Christmas tree, but it would be a luxury that would certainly make life much easier. If anyone has any advice for finding the perfect cleaner please let me know!

2) A Husband that tidies up as he goes along

This isn’t a rant at my poor husband….but he is lacking in mess awareness. Tidying the house from top to bottom with me once a week he’s got a handle on, but the intricacies of our wash basket seem to beyond him. Socks have been found on top of the wash basket and beside it, but they never quite end up in it.

Day to day rubbish is placed neatly next to the bin (I really don’t get this one) and towels are expected to magically dry on the floor!!

There must be some kind of boot camp to cure this affliction, and if there is please take my husband and teach him the fine art of tidying. I’ll have him back in time for Christmas please….someone needs to clear away the wrapping paper!

3) A hand-held Vacum Cleaner

Ok this seems a little contrived bearing in mind I’m working with Vorwerk on this post, but in all seriousness this is something I’ve wanted for a long time now.

Getting the hoover out is an absolute faff. The cable gets tangled and our ‘Vintage’ model is heavy and awkward. To just whip round with a slim line hand held version clearing the odd mess here and there would be an absolute dream.

With Christmas around the corner I’d be picking up pine needles in a flash (Let’s face it Christmas trees are never completely non-drop!) and any mince pie crumbs would quickly be history.

Well on this occasion my Christmas wish has come true, and Vorwerk have taken pity on me, sending a Kobold VC100. I wonder if they’ll be able to teach my husband to use it too…

If you are coming round to my way of thinking and can’t live without a hand-held vacuum for much longer, Vorwerk have also teamed up with TV property guru, Sarah Beeny, to find out what she wants for Christmas.

They are asking people to guess the correct answer via their website for the chance to win a VC100 hand-held vacuum cleaner. In case you already have one, you can also win a full Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner, or even a VR200 robot vacuum cleaner.