How to find your perfect home fragrance

How to find your perfect home fragrance

If anyone is reading this and wondering what to get me for Christmas, you really won’t go far wrong with a candle. There isn’t a room in our house that doesn’t have one displayed on a ledge or table top, and our lounge wouldn’t feel half as cosy without them lit on a cold evening.

My favourites have both style and substance, beautifully minimal in appearance boasting a stunning scent once lit.

I can be quite picky about the perfume of our candles, knowing instantly what I don’t like, but finding it difficult to pinpoint exactly what I do. With that in mind I was intruiged to see if Amara could pinpoint my tastes, finding my perfect home fragrance through their new quiz.


A few questions later, and my ideal scent was revealed… Citrus.

“You’re a fun-loving, sun-loving person with a passion for being outdoors. The simplest pleasures in life excite you and your enthusiastic personality is nothing if not infectious. Bring a little citrus into your home to complement your zest for life. Imagine your living room enriched by the scent of sun baked Sicilian lemons, or your bathroom infused with warming grapefruit and Mediterranean lavender – citrus home fragrances are perfect for you.”

Thinking back I’ve always had a tendency to opt for clean, fresh, fruit based scents, always opting for something sharp rather than overly sweet. Favourite perfumes, bath products and even washing powders have always followed this trend, and of course candles follow suit.

Without a doubt Amara have highlighted everything I love about home fragrance. The ability to fill a room with a beautiful scent can make a house immediately feel like a home, especially when it is one that brings back memories of happy times.

To double check the results of their quiz Amara very kindly sent me the Aerin Orange Blossom candle from their citrus collection. As soon as I opened the box I knew I’d love the scent. Fresh but cosy, the gentle citrus scent nods towards festive fragrances without being overpowering. Simple and elegant, it’s design is understated and perfectly suited to our home.

Amara candle quiz

Amara’s quiz has succinctly summed up my perfect home fragrance, and now I know exactly what I’d like for Christmas….more Citrus candles please!

Try the quiz, and find out for yourself. Let me know how you get on in the comments!

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