Sprucing up our summerhouse

November 23, 2016

Our garden has been a work in progress for quite some time now, we’ve had trees removed, patio re-jigged and new turf laid. We tore down the mouldy old shed and most recently replaced it with a summerhouse.

Mainly used for storage at the moment (Please excuse our next project peeking out of the windows) we’re hoping it’ll become a space we’ll really enjoy when summer comes back round.

In the meantime, before the weather became quite so wet, we made a few changes to make it a little bit nicer to look at.

A lick of paint has gone a long way, and this beautiful sage green colour from Sadolin has helped our summerhouse to blend into our garden a little more.

shed-makeover, painting

It’s safe to say our summerhouse will take quite a beating this winter, so we were particularly careful to choose a paint that would protect the wood from the elements.

Unbelievably we’ve only done one coat so far, and we’ve been really impressed with the coverage. Touch dry in 4-6 hours, we’re just waiting for a clear weather forecast to finish off the job…. now we’re well into November we could be waiting some time!


The colour looks beautiful in the day, but our summerhouse was a little plain once the sun goes down, so when we saw these vintage style solar lights we knew they’d be the perfect finishing touch for our project.

Really easy to put up, the lights charge during the day (Even in winter!) starting to glow at dusk. They power up via a little solar panel secured to the summerhouse roof, and then they light up throughout the night.

Vintage light bulbs

It’s truly lovely looking out into the garden on a cold winter night, seeing the lights twinkling back at us. The vintage style is exactly what we were looking at, and for £26.24 from The Solar Centre you really can’t go far wrong!

shed lights

A quick look back at the before pictures from our first post really highlights how far we’ve come.

Our garden before

Without a doubt removing the trees was the best decision we made. Our lounge is so much lighter and we’re really enjoying the extra space.

Our garden has been our biggest (and most expensive) project so far but we are finally on the home stretch. There are a few jobs here and there to finish off, but chances are they’ll be waiting until Spring.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a similar project, make sure you get a few different prices for any help you need. We couldn’t believe the difference from quote to quote, we more than halved our costs simply by asking around. Well worth the extra legwork!