Christmas baking the easy way

December 18, 2016

Between us we’ve felt grotty for the last few weeks, and getting ready for Christmas had to be put on hold. Now we’ve just about rallied we’ve embraced a fully festive weekend. We’ve decorated our tree, and from there it was time to switch the oven on to do a little bit of Christmas baking.

Still lacking in energy, I was all too happy to take a simple shortcut and try out this handy ready prepped home bake cookie mix sent to me by Ulster Weavers.


Created by the Yum Yum Club all the dry ingredients are in a kilner jar ready measured out, and you just need to add 100g of butter and a medium sized egg.

After a few minutes of mixing, the cookies needed just 12-14 minutes in the oven and then after a little cooling time they were ready. It really couldn’t have been easier and because most of the ingredients were ready weighed out there was very little mess. Our kitchen was cleaned up in a matter of minutes (Not normally the case when I’ve been baking!)


Helping me feel all the more festive, Ulster Weavers also sent me a matching set of textiles to completely kit out our kitchen for Christmas. All in their matching frosty garland print, the tea towel, oven gloves and apron I was sent all depict a beautiful bird wreath print on a cheery blue background.

Co-ordinating sets make me really happy (I know it’s not the coolest thing I’ve ever said…) and I know I’ll be packing them away each year with our decorations, looking forward to getting them back out once Christmas comes back around.

And the verdict… the cookies were a huge success. My husband declared them by far the tastiest biscuits I’ve ever made, looks like shortcuts are the way forward!