Getting our guest room ready for Christmas: Part 2

December 17, 2016

With just a week to spare our guest room is finally ready! It’s been a long time coming, but since first putting plans in place earlier in October I’m really relieved to say it is ready for the family and friends we have coming to stay over Christmas.

Our carpet was the biggest holdup, but now it’s down and the finishing touches are in place I couldn’t be happier.

When I first wrote about the makeover we weren’t quite ready to share the news of our pregnancy, but now we’ve had the twenty week scan we’re feeling a little more confident and able to start getting our house ready for our imminent arrival.

In a few years we’ll hopefully be extending into our loft to create a third bedroom, but for the foreseeable future we’ll be making do with the two rooms we have. This means that for a while at least our second bedroom will have to become a guest room nursery hybrid. The majority of the time the room will be a nursery, but when family and friends come to stay baby will join us in our room.

With this dual purpose in mind we wanted to retain a grownup feel to the room, while it still being perfect for our baby boy.

The wallpaper we chose and soft grey paint from Valspar were the ideal choice, with the soft colours both calming and cosy.

The paint was incredible quality, and covered up the bright yellow paint underneath easily. We also opted for their scrubbable paint, so anything spilt won’t worry us for a second.


This chest of drawers was originally a really dark mahogany, but just one coat of Winter Grey Chalk paint from Rustoleum really brightened the piece up. We replaced the drawer handles as well, using the same brass pulls we used for our Shabby to chic drawer makeover. They are just a few pounds from eBay and are an absolute bargain!

We’re aware that we’ll need plenty of storage, so as well as the drawers we’ve also got three beautiful storage baskets from Cox and Cox. The felt chevron pattern is absolutely stunning, and will be perfect for keeping all the baby paraphernalia we’ll need organised.


Also from Cox and Cox, these two industrial shelves are ideal for styling a few bits and bobs, adding a little extra character into the room. A beautiful rustic pine, they we’re really simple to put up and I’m really looking forward to changing round the pieces on display as our baby gets older.



I’m also thinking of adding a little light to one of the shelves, battery powered to avoid any unsightly wires. I’ve got my eye on a white star so hopefully that will be the perfect finishing touch to add a little extra light into the room.

As this room is still a guest room I wanted the bed to boast hotel style luxury. Plush cushions and throws, with beautiful bedding.

I found a lovely light grey tweed style set in Homesense, accessorising it with textured cushions in a darker grey and then a sunny yellow to brighten up the bed.


Searching for the perfect throw I couldn’t quite believe it when I also found this soft grey blanket in Homesense, emulating the triangle pattern of the wallpaper and storage baskets perfectly… don’t you just love it when everything co-ordinates like it’s meant to be!


As well as the bedding, cushions and throw we also picked up a few pieces to finish off the rooms windowsill. This raffia storage basket will be perfect for extra toys, and these teddies certainly look right at home.


We really couldn’t be happier with how our guest room nursery hybrid has turned out. We’re just missing a few more bits and bobs, a cot, a changing mat and of course all the nappies, clothes etc. our baby will need.

Of course we’ve already made a little bit of a start, but come the end of January we’re hoping to be a bit more prepared so everything is ready by the time he arrives.


In the meantime our guest room will fulfil it’s original intention, welcoming our family and friends over Christmas. Now they’ve got somewhere to sleep we just need to make sure all the presents are wrapped and that Christmas dinner will be on the table on time….not much left to do then!